13:35, Thu 24 Nov
2-1 to England. Safely through to the next round.

If we win and Wales fail to win we win the group. Job done.
13:46, Thu 24 Nov
I think England will win but it'll be much tougher than the Iran game. If Wales can beat Iran that puts them in a great position as it's likely England will rest a few players having already qualified.
13:48, Thu 24 Nov
England 2 USA 0

Iran 1 Wales 1
13:52, Thu 24 Nov
Comfortable 3-0.
14:05, Thu 24 Nov
Normally I’d be getting load of shit there going to batter us but think there scared

England to win 3-1

They will be more cautious I think as if they go gung ho like wales first half were way better than wales we’ll tear them apart.

I think we should stay with the 433
14:12, Thu 24 Nov

USA will be up for it going forward but there's no way a defence of Yedlin, Tim Ream and a couple of MLS unknowns will be able to deal with England's forward line.

Wales Iran draw wins us the group.
14:33, Thu 24 Nov
17:55, Thu 24 Nov
2 nil england
18:01, Thu 24 Nov
3-1 England win, come on!
19:20, Thu 24 Nov
What did the Knights in White satin?
19:26, Thu 24 Nov
(We have to win this one or my life will be miserable when I get back to work).

England 2 USA 1
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
20:07, Thu 24 Nov
Another meaty win for me, 5v0 England

Jude on the scoresheet again
20:08, Thu 24 Nov
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
20:21, Thu 24 Nov
They lost 2-0 against Costa Rica in the qualifiers in March so shouldn’t be a major challenge