15:07, Thu 24 Nov
Uruguay South Korea

4 out of the first 14 games have finished goaless. The last world cup 64 games and 1 0-0.
15:17, Thu 24 Nov
Nothing intrinsically wrong with a 0-0 (not that I'd suggest this particular game had much going for it). I'd as soon watch a well-contested goalless draw as a parks team getting thrashed by double figures. It's good to have teams (and matches) that are competitive in a tournament.
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True that. The Spain game was less enjoyable than that, because Costa Rica just didn’t compete
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15:28, Thu 24 Nov
0-0 is the second commonest scoreline. You'd expect one or two out of the number of games played so far. The anomaly is 1 out of 64, when you'd expect something like 6 goalless draws in that lot. So there's something of a reversion to mean.
The last World Cup was saved from a lot of nil nils through it being the first tournament that had VAR, so fouls were being picked up on that normally would have been missed meaning a lot more penalties. I guess defenders have adapted now.
16:08, Thu 24 Nov
0-0 draws don’t have to be dull but a lot of those games have been rather cautious, I think not that unusual in the first matches of the group. Quite a few teams have looked a bit sluggish so far..
18:12, Thu 24 Nov
That game was more like it. Goals. Lots of goals. Good game that was.