21:59, Sun 27 Nov
Gauranteed to dive in your box.
23:09, Sun 27 Nov
My vote goes to John.

Just in case he fails in the ‘best female commentator’ category.

Unlikely, mind. 🥰
04:37, Mon 28 Nov
1) Didier Drogba. Ageing really well, looks fit as feck bald, pretty smile.
2) Gary Lineker. I can’t explain it so don’t ask me to, he’s just pretty
3) Micah Richards. He’d be second but he’s a dvb so that counts against him
07:59, Mon 28 Nov
I know he's not a pundit but Jack Grealish AKA Rodney Trotter is such a handsome lad.
08:07, Mon 28 Nov
Graeme Souness for me. Best expert, talks sense, has a nice voice and rather good looking. I've probably got a man crush.
09:01, Mon 28 Nov
Not on TV no more but a special mention for Alan Hansen Good Looking Chap who would of made a good James Bond.