14:05, Sat 28 Jan



Could be Chong up front or maybe 3-4-2-1
14:13, Sat 28 Jan
They’ve put out their first team. Give them the 3-0 now and save the hassle
14:16, Sat 28 Jan
Blackburn are dull and were rather fortunate to beat us earlier in the season.

Can’t see 3-0 myself.

See we can have 9 subs today, we got that many fit players?
14:19, Sat 28 Jan
Leaving aside that Friend is past it anyway, neither full back is any good in an attacking sense, not lithe, lissome, balanced or fast enough.

Looks like a pointlessly defensive line up.

Eustace out
14:21, Sat 28 Jan
Crikey is friend playing lwb? 😳
14:27, Sat 28 Jan
I'd rather get Nico Gordon fit than Kevin Long
“Oh Nikola Zigic”

Could be Chong up front or maybe 3-4-2-1

I can’t fathom it out. Just looks like a defensive flat back five, three in the middle and Khadra playing off Juke.

Colin may get forward as RWB occasionally and Chong to give width on the left.

I can see the midfield being over run here, Bielik off form, Gards not match fit and Chong lightweight.
14:28, Sat 28 Jan
Friend at wing back is shocking
“Oh Nikola Zigic”

14:34, Sat 28 Jan
Blackburn at full strength.
14:34, Sat 28 Jan
Nikola Zigic'y
Friend at wing back is shocking

Possibly Friend in central defensive 3 and Trusty LWB perhaps?
14:45, Sat 28 Jan
Colin and Friend the least suited combination for wing backs ever. This is very much a 5 defenders and hoping to nick a 0-0
14:48, Sat 28 Jan
“Not feeling good about today” is an understatement
15:03, Sat 28 Jan
0-1 Khadra
Is there commentary coverage on Blues TV? Not showing anything for it at all.