17:26, Fri 22 Sep
Just met a few Dutch lads in the old crown Digbeth. He told me there’s a group of 70 of them coming down the Blues tonight. Ajax fans but supporting the Blues. Fair play
17:29, Fri 22 Sep
Up the Dutchies. Any particular reason they're following the Blues tonight?
17:31, Fri 22 Sep
Great people the Dutch. My ex was from the Netherlands and spent a lot of time there, great banter and they like the English 👍🏻

Would love to go to an Ajax Feyenoord game.
17:32, Fri 22 Sep
Hope they aren't looking for trouble, Ajax have a worse reputation than us?
17:58, Fri 22 Sep
If you do see them, remember to pass them on the left hand side
What did the Knights in White satin?
18:04, Fri 22 Sep
What’s the worst that could happen
18:10, Fri 22 Sep
Hope they aren't looking for trouble, Ajax have a worse reputation than us?

Well they arrived yesterday and have been drinking all day. They said they were in the stand on the left hand side wherever that is!!! Seem like good lads but all in their early 20’s I would say
14:15, Sat 23 Sep
Did anyone see these lads in the ground, I sure 70 Dutch blokes would stand out.
14:16, Sat 23 Sep
They were outside reception before the game. Mr Crosby introduced himself in fluent Spanish.
Has a stalker : Everbluesince92
14:51, Sat 23 Sep
2 foreign blokes near us in the GML asked the bloke next to them where the away fans were, could have been part of the 70 maybe
15:22, Sat 23 Sep
There were about 10 outside the Kop reception in scarfs
15:48, Sat 23 Sep
Seen 20 of them in faraz getting a chicken n chips