19:05, Fri 22 Sep
Come on Miyoshi you're better than that
19:05, Fri 22 Sep
Good hold up and lay off from hogan, poor decision from miyoshi, he had options there
19:07, Fri 22 Sep
thought stansfield would of shot there
19:09, Fri 22 Sep
Feeling positive for tonight, would love to see hogan bag a couple to kick start his run of goals this year

Feeling desperately despondent for tonight, would pay Birmingham City Council’s debt if Hogan gets a hat trick this evening!!
Just a perfect day. Drink sangria in the park And then later, when it gets dark...We go home
19:10, Fri 22 Sep
handball for sure in the build up
19:14, Fri 22 Sep
this Armstrong lad looks a serious handful
19:17, Fri 22 Sep
He does. Need to get Stansfield into it. Need to get back into it. Reckon that was a booking.
19:18, Fri 22 Sep
Great play by Stansfield but what the hell were them two doing
19:19, Fri 22 Sep
Why are players especially Keshi so effing scared of scared taking a shot.

19:19, Fri 22 Sep
Could understand Myoshi because he was clearly expecting Anderson to take the shot, which he should have.
19:20, Fri 22 Sep
Maybe thought he was too far out 😁
19:21, Fri 22 Sep
Get in!

Edit - ohhh.
19:22, Fri 22 Sep
Stansfield 😍
19:22, Fri 22 Sep
That is fecking unbelievable defending
19:23, Fri 22 Sep
What a clearance that was!