12:14, Sat 23 Sep
Save he will have expected to make

Claimed a ball from a corner late on which imoressed me more considering hes been dodgy of late flapping at crosses
13:06, Sat 23 Sep
1 save he spilled that Buchanan cleared

But hopefully the fantastic save from Dykes will do him the world of good

I watched that save back, it went through Buchanan's legs and he got down and saved it, it was a quality save rather than him spilling it
13:23, Sat 23 Sep
I think the push away at the post was great.

If he leaves it, it's a tap in.

Just watched this again and itโ€™s the strength he gets into that push that really makes the difference. He makes sure the ball is moving far too fast for the striker to react
Irving Selikoff - "Statistics are people with the tears wiped away"
13:42, Sat 23 Sep
David Xavis
Yeah he was class last night - back to his best. Fair play.