17:21, Sat 23 Sep
We’re 8th in the championship for shots at goal so far this season 🤷🏻‍♂️
17:40, Sat 23 Sep
Shower of shit. We’ll moida da bums.

Someone said that about qpr last week.
17:41, Sat 23 Sep
Ted Tin-man Mcminn
We’re 8th in the championship for shots at goal so far this season 🤷🏻‍♂️

And only five teams have scored fewer than us, says a lot for our quality of shots🐄🪕
17:54, Sat 23 Sep
Do we think their fans will be happy with having the lion's share of possession? (69%)
18:22, Sat 23 Sep
Tha Project OBE
Tha Project OBE
Shower of shit. We’ll moida da bums.

Alternatively, they’ll be fuming after getting a slapping and take it out on us on their own patch

Guess which is more likely

Or there might be a poison gas attack in East Anglia, or the game might be called off due to an infestation of rats in Carrow Road. Or a fecking great sinkhole might open up en route.

I did actually see the biggest dead rat in my life next to the Canal behind Carrow road a few seasons ago. It was a great big bloody thing even bigger than any I’d seen in the Country growing up. Size of a small dog.
18:36, Sat 23 Sep
Jude should be front and centre of everything England do in the attacking third of the pitch.
Give him the armband now too ! ( AUG 2023 )
19:20, Sat 23 Sep

06:05, Sun 24 Sep
or, they'll be a like wounded animal against us, and fight for everything :-)

They have a game midweek
06:44, Sun 24 Sep
They got Fulham in the cup.
07:55, Sun 24 Sep
So they will be run off the feet when they play us. I don't think so, that only happens when it's Blues that play mid week.
08:47, Sun 24 Sep
I think it will be another Birminghamnil game personally.
09:14, Sun 24 Sep

Genius lol