16:16, Sat 23 Sep
John 'DvB' Useless said they asked Keshi on Thursday whether he could play 3 games in a week and he said yes, so they did.

I'm sorry, is that the extent of the sports science at our club? Of course a player is gonna say yes.

Whether their body can take it or not is a sports science decision. We should not be basing those decisions on what the player thinks.

Ridiculous. The sports science team/methods needs a good look at.
16:24, Sat 23 Sep
They were gonna ask Brady for advice but rags saw to that.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
17:03, Sat 23 Sep
I never read much into managers saying things like that - it might be exactly what he said but it might be a throw away comment with little relation to the actual process.

Or Keshi thought he'd be fine because he'd stopped eating tomatoes and mushrooms like Brady advised him to.
18:02, Sat 23 Sep
A player with his record couldn’t possibly perform 3 times in a week and should not have started it was bad man management. Luckily Dembele didn’t appear to get injured but anyone could see he wasn’t ready to play when he came on. Longello could have probably come on left midfield.
Poor decisions and if the medical team signed off on that I’m worried even more
18:12, Sat 23 Sep
Why didn’t he look ready to play?.
He looked ok to me.
18:18, Sat 23 Sep
He could hardly run
18:47, Sat 23 Sep
Scoot Mcgoot
Why didn’t he look ready to play?.
He looked ok to me.

This shows how people watch different things. He literally couldn’t move by the looks of it