18:30, Sat 23 Sep
Hi everyone. Looking for a recommendation for a good interactive DJ who can generate an atmosphere at a potentially quiet wedding. 60s to current pop and a few games. Venue in Sutton Coldfield.


We found the photographer here so fingers crossed.
18:39, Sat 23 Sep
Not a DJ and not cheap, but this is the best wedding entertainer I have ever worked with…


He really is in a class of his own
Irving Selikoff - "Statistics are people with the tears wiped away"
18:43, Sat 23 Sep
Crude spins some long players
18:50, Sat 23 Sep
My 7" handling is legendary
Has a stalker : Everbluesince92
21:14, Sat 23 Sep
Ah, takes me back when I was dj’ing for Claire Davies at Manumission back in the 90’s. Now that was some scary stuff!
21:41, Sat 23 Sep
I used to do it all. Decided I'd had enough and sold all my gear for mobile gigs.

The Last dj light was sold.

...2 weeks later the country shut down for covid.