19:31, Sun 19 Nov
It’s probably been done before but , where does everyone live ? I assume most of us grew up in Birmingham, me kingshurst, now Torquay
19:39, Sun 19 Nov
Where my name says “TheHeath”
19:41, Sun 19 Nov
Sparkhill, now Huddersfield
19:41, Sun 19 Nov
Never you mind officer.
19:47, Sun 19 Nov
Born King’s Norton then Quinton, Warley, Quinton again, Kidderminster, Redditch, Telford now South-west Jamaica. Next question?
20:10, Sun 19 Nov
20:15, Sun 19 Nov
Cofton Hackett since 30th June!
"we don't even know why we're here - we're all just wandering around, doing daft things, killing time, until we die; that's why Frisbee's been invented..." (Karl Pilkington 2013)
20:24, Sun 19 Nov
Burntwood now Rugeley.
20:28, Sun 19 Nov
Born Balsall Heath . Then Highgate then Chelmsley Wood. Then Kingshurst . Now Willenhall Walsall.
20:28, Sun 19 Nov
My dad was born in Huddersfield
20:29, Sun 19 Nov
Solihull to Hall Green to Middleton to Polesworth now Tamworth.
20:31, Sun 19 Nov
Is Jamaica nice ?
20:34, Sun 19 Nov
Whereabouts in kingshurst, and when ? I lived in wheeley more Road from 1957-1976
20:36, Sun 19 Nov
Kings Heath to Exmouth. In Brum 6-8 nights a month though so don't feel like I've actually left.
20:36, Sun 19 Nov
You’re under arrest