10:50, Tue 21 Nov
Hank Marvin
I thought I'd answer sensibly, as everyone else has.

Born in the Q.E., 1969

Lived on Lottie Rd, Selly Oak

Lived on Long Leasow, Bournville

Lived on Parkville Avenue, Harborne

Lived in Woodseaves, nr Stafford

Lived on Naunton Close, Bournville

Lived on Johnson Rd, Erdington

Lived on Meadow Rise, Bewdley

Lived in DY5 for the last 10 years

Ah - my first girlfriend was from Lottie Road, Patricia. She was 10 (so was I, Thongs, before you red flag this one). IIRc, there was Hubert Road and Katie Road next to Lottie Road. I'd just moved oop North to Leigh, Lancs and was desperately homesick (Oldham will confirm that this was not an overreaction) and was bundled on a train from Manchester Piccadilly to be met by my grandad at New Street. I met her in in Selly Oak Library and we spent a week or so in each others company. I was gutted when I had to go bacf 'home'.

It's nice out at Woodseaves as well.
Make Blues Great Again
10:53, Tue 21 Nov
Born in Chelmsley Wood - Atherstone (between Tamworth and Nuneaton) - Liverpool (Uni) - Oxford - Leamington Spa - Altrincham.

First year as a non STH this year for about 10 years because three girls five and under made it hard to justify the travel.
11:36, Tue 21 Nov
Sierra Leone, Bourneville, Oldham, Oswestry, Bedford, Hodge Hill, Edgbaston, Handsworth, Shard End, back to Handsworth, Winson Green, Moseley, back to Handsworth, Smethwick…Bearwood.
11:57, Tue 21 Nov
Whereabouts in Oldham...?
13:46, Tue 21 Nov
Sheldon - Kent - Stourbridge

Quite the globetrotter.
18:09, Tue 21 Nov
Born and raised in Garrison Lane. Garrison Tavern my local. Played football for the mighty Garrison Star.

Warwick, Berlin, Kenilworth.

Best Wishes to everyone still living who went to Tilton Rd and Ada Road Schools who sneaked into Blues through the loose railing at the back of the Railway end.
19:20, Tue 21 Nov
Born in Kings Heath. Moved to Solihull Lodge and then off to Beforshire until i emigrated over to Canada. Would love to make it back over more than i do but had a great trip in September. KRO
19:37, Tue 21 Nov
Small Heath-Burntwood-Kingstanding-Bournville-Redditch-Pembrokeshire-Kings Heath-Calgary (Canada)
19:46, Tue 21 Nov
Born in Leicester, moved to Chelsmford 7 years ago for work and yet to come back
20:52, Tue 21 Nov
Raised in Cofton Hackett but now in a house on the TT course in the Isle of Man, where i’ve been for the past 30 odd years.
20:55, Tue 21 Nov
Small Heath-Burntwood-Kingstanding-Bournville-Redditch-Pembrokeshire-Kings Heath-Calgary (Canada)

Are you Kevin Francis?
21:01, Tue 21 Nov
Small Heath (Wyndcliff Road)-Salford-Munich-Paris-Potteries-Weybridge-Egham-Whitton-Glasgow-Derby—Lincoln-Doncaster-Potteries-Farnborough-Paris-Farnborough-Reading-Shinfield-Kildysart, Ireland
21:08, Tue 21 Nov
Born in Whitechapel, brought to Birmingham at 3 weeks old, lived in Perry Common, Kingstanding, Balsall Heath, Erdington, now living in Moseley but off to Pefkos in Rhodes(Greek island) end of March 2024, myself and my daughter are setting up a bar over there, we'll it's mine and her money and she will be manageress, I am quite happily retired now.
21:19, Tue 21 Nov
All the best with that adventure
21:33, Tue 21 Nov
Small Heath-Burntwood-Kingstanding-Bournville-Redditch-Pembrokeshire-Kings Heath-Calgary (Canada)

Are you Kevin Francis?