20:43, Sun 19 Nov
Olton and now NW London. After brief stints in the North East, Moseley then Harborne.
20:44, Sun 19 Nov
Absolutely great. Very rural where we live in my Wife's home village. Mind you I'm glad I don't have to earn a living here. My Teacher's pension is far in excess to what Head Teachers earn here.
20:46, Sun 19 Nov
I lived on tennal road for a couple of yests
20:48, Sun 19 Nov
Sheldon and now Bewdley
20:50, Sun 19 Nov
Great Barr, Burntwood, Chester, Hednesford & ending up in Redditch.
20:52, Sun 19 Nov
Born in Saltley, moved to Chelmsley, then Shirley, now in Sheldon
20:54, Sun 19 Nov
I’ve been to a few of the islands but not Jamaica.
21:09, Sun 19 Nov
Ward End (25 years), Great Barr (3 years), Hodge Hill (10 years), Sutton (the last 21 years).
21:11, Sun 19 Nov
Erdington, Alum Rock, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Burntwood, Great Wyrley.
21:21, Sun 19 Nov
21:25, Sun 19 Nov
You mean there are others! Lol
21:31, Sun 19 Nov
Handsworth-Chislehurst-Shirley-Thrapston-Clevedon-Lichfield-Market Bosworth.

Blues supporting started in Shirley.
21:33, Sun 19 Nov
21:34, Sun 19 Nov
Kingshurst> Tamworth.
21:38, Sun 19 Nov
Tamworth born and bred.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.