20:38, Mon 20 Nov
The Salt Hotel brings back memories

When we visited about 20 years ago, it was not long closed down.
My Mrs & the tour guide sneaked in through a window to take s dekko & got caught by the local tourist police

Standing joke in our family that I had to pay $10 to keep her out of a Bolivian jail

Camped out under the stars next to the Hand of the Desert in the Atacama: beautiful experience
Nice to hear buddy. You enjoying following our trip... Not the boring existence.

You should get yourself a rust bucket VW and just start exploring. Can recommend it from m experience!
21:04, Mon 20 Nov
What a memory! Although $10 would be quite extortionate in Bolivia, super cheap country. Probably would have been better to save the ten dollars 😂

We're currently camping out 😔 n the coast after breaking many things leaving Bolivia. We want to camp near the hand when we're ready to move on again.