14:40, Sat 2 Dec
Rab C Nesbitt
I’m not sure Rooney will deliver but I believe the project will.
That’s the key reason why I’m a believer

That’s where I am with it too. It's frustrating at the moment but it will come good, I have no doubt of that.

I'm also in the believers gang.
Up the feckin Blues
14:41, Sat 2 Dec
Tha Project OBE
My point is, look past the form and think what’s changed? He was playing like a commanding leader at the start of the season. He looks run ragged now.

What’s changed?

Downed tools

Lost the dressing room as well.
Up the feckin Blues
14:43, Sat 2 Dec
Point is-Will Knighthead stick around if Rooney gets us relegated which IMO is very possible . They wont chuck money at lost causes
14:46, Sat 2 Dec
Why is relegation a lost cause?
15:00, Sat 2 Dec
We shipped four goals and looked like conceding every time Blackburn went near our box. Claiming we were the better team is hilarious.

Glad I made you laugh. You're still wrong though.
16:01, Sat 2 Dec
They want success now they're Yanks remember -not after 3 or 4 years getting out of league one back to where we are now and then start again . They'll up sticks and bugger off back yo Buffalo
16:58, Sat 2 Dec
The same tactical genius I enjoyed up close in person, but now from afar!

What exactly is the plan?
17:08, Sat 2 Dec
I’ve heard he does a great PowerPoint presentation…….🤷‍♂️
17:10, Sat 2 Dec
It's his starting 11 that baffles me the most.
17:19, Sat 2 Dec
If we are waiting for him to sign ‘his’ players, surely that means he’ll bin half of these off?. If that is the case, a half decent manager would play to the players strengths for now and ensure that we get the results to stay up. It’s looked dreadful so far and definitely won’t improve in the coming weeks/months. God it’s frustrating supporting blues 🤯🤬
17:40, Sat 2 Dec
Who exactly would want to play for our Wayne?

Not exactly like Bill Shankly or Brian Clough calling round to inquire about signing you, is it?