11:21, Tue 6 Feb
I hope we do sell out because it feels like a statement of intent and it also hopefully further justifies to the owners that their investment will be worthwhile.

But as I am sure has already been said on the pages of responses this club's home results have been the worst in the entire football league over a decade. I would stretch that they are probably consistently the worst in any major football division anywhere because of our constant circling the drain of relegation. I am struggling this think of any home match in that time against a premier league side in the cup where we competed let alone won (albeit our luck with FA/League cup draws has been dire). Equally it is a stretch to think of many championship home games where there has been that mix of entertaining football and the right result.

I know a number of friends who have taken kids down over the last decade to get the bug of watching the Blues live and they have drifted off to support other teams or are just not that interested in going down.

It is a chicken and egg. A loud and partisan St Andrews does win us points. That win against Ipswich in the league cup. The run to win the cup in 2010-11 would not have been possible without that 12th man/women. But fans need that spark especially at the cost of going down to watch and the other options available.
11:24, Tue 6 Feb
IF this does sell out, one way to continue having good gates is to create a good atmosphere.

You arent going to entice stayaways back regularly if they come and its the drab atmosphere the place normally is.
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
11:58, Tue 6 Feb
Start winning home games the crowds will slowly pick up. The last few seasons with the crap we've seen many a time I thought do I stay in pub or go game. Always chose to go game but so many times regretted it. Hopefully we can have a good run and get the crowds back.
12:08, Tue 6 Feb
Hope = Crowds

The remainder of the current season, for many, is not interesting, we're not really fighting for a lot. If we were going for the play-offs people would be far more invested and likely to come, imo, it's the fear of missing out, the thought that we're on to something

I expect the crowds will jump up next year when we have a big transfer window and start the season promisingly.
Happy Clapper
12:37, Tue 6 Feb
If they can open more blocks they should do so now as there has definitely been an up swing in ticket sales.

Happy this thread has helped in some way.
15:10, Tue 6 Feb
Rab C Nesbitt
Made in Daegu
My Blue Heaven
Most of what’s classed as restricted view are fine with you just having to lean forward at certain parts of the game.

Shame the club don’t have a tool on the page that gives you a view from the seat, that would be helpful for many.


Some stadiums have it as part of their ticketing system. Particularly in the US.
Blues used to

Glad you said that as I thought I dreamt it.
Up the feckin Blues
15:46, Tue 6 Feb
They have now opened up Lower Kop 36 and 34.
They've also removed the package options they'd included before, take from that what you will. Glad to see they've opened them up, more optimistic it will sell out definitely. TL2/TL4 are still quite poor in terms of sales but should be gone in the next week and a half.
It'll be a good crowd anyway. Like others have said, a bit of success and these calls to arms won't be needed so much.
Up the feckin Blues
Agree man, looking forward to it definitely, coming back home for it. Been to a few this season when I'm back in Brum but this one I'm excited for definitely; miss the atmosphere of old. Do think its vital we sell out though; shows the owners their efforts and belief are more than reciprocated. Embarrassing if they call us to arms to sell out and we can't do so. Don't think that'll be the case though and you're right, I think currently it's looking to be the best gate we've had in ages
Still a way to go but many seats still available plus most of block 5 in the lower Railway is still blocked.
21:13, Tue 6 Feb
Do you think they’ll sell quicker if you keep posting about them?
21:14, Tue 6 Feb
Seems to be working
21:14, Tue 6 Feb