Yeh a mural shaking his head and muttering, “ can’t see it happening myself “ 👍
Cheikh N’doye’s Ballon d’Or
Look on the map, I think the whole ground is sold out now.

People can say what they want about you but this thread no doubt helped sell tickets and push for max capacity.

Mural of you outside the Tilton inbound any day now

What utter nonsense.
12:49, Fri 16 Feb
Compare the Fulham game when Che scored the third. What a day that was. We didn't have much to play for but the ground was buzzing.

12:50, Fri 16 Feb
We had to win to ensure we stayed up? Was a huge game!
12:59, Fri 16 Feb
Can we start an "Operation Get There Early" now please just so I can rock up at usual time and not miss too many of our seven goals please?
13:01, Fri 16 Feb
Looks like there are a few singles in Arthur's Area and 8 or so on the front row of block 39.
13:02, Fri 16 Feb


I saw your message Bob ... sending hugs.

For clarity - i have a very good life and am very very happy based on where i was 4 years ago.

It's purely large groups and situations when i can't be sure of peoples' actions around me that i've still to conquer - but i'll get there. Generally speaking, places where there is "milling" .... and that includes places like cinema foyers, theatre foyers, football matches etc

I can relate to that in a way. I suffered with something that sounds similar in some aspects - mine was more PTSD, I suspect, following a fire at home. Without going into detail, it made life very difficult - claustrophobia, fear of flying, fear of crowds or even groups of people etc, anything to do with not being able to have that element of control.

I'm not suggesting that it's the same by any means, but I recognise some of the triggers - CBT, and learning about the condition, helped massively, and I did a lot of things by myself, so as to not have the 'responsibility' of other people being with me in case something terrible happened. I still dislike flying, but did a few hops from Manchester to Glasgow to get used to the take-off and landing sensations. I went to matches by myself, to get used to the environment again. I'd drive for hours by myself, because having a panic attack in the outside lane of the M6 with family in the car is truly terrifying. Holding on to shelves in shops, or leaning against things just to give a reference point and to stop myself falling over - it's not nice and it was a real strain to actually go out of the house sometimes.

It's almost completely better now, although flying can bring elements of it on, unless I'm by myself, which is odd, I suppose. AN ideal game to attend (with my past condition) would have been Tuesday's game, where the crowd was pretty sparse, the parking wasn't too bad, and there were no queues to get in. I really do wish you well with this - as I say, I have no idea whether it's related, but I recognise some of the symptoms and they're pretty bloody awful

I could feel the emotion you were feeling when writing that out

Whilst i'm not embarrassed by discussing my symptoms it is probably noticeable that i don't ever mention HOW this was brought on. But i can empathise regarding the PTSD.

For me, self-development and self-repair has never been a continuous line - i set stage targets, get to that stage and then take my time getting used to being at that stage before then moving on (attempting to move on) to the next stage. That way if i fail i only fall back to the last stage i had established myself at, and no further. Sometimes it takes a long time to get used to a stage/point i have reached and i need (to ensure long term advancement) to make those achievements become second nature.

Previously i tried to get things right too fast and fell all the way back.

Turning to yourself though .... bloody well done on how far you've managed to advance yourself - and you should feel proud of your achievement/recovery .... many many people don't achieve it, disappear from view and are never able to rejoin society or lead a "normal life" again. Seriously .... well done.
You’re right ffs, tickets dotted around again.

What a stupid way of doing this, guess it’s not 100% sold out until the official media accounts say so.

KES mural cancelled 🤬
It’ll be a sell out, even if 38 comes on.
I agree mate, just mind boggling how they keep releasing rows of seats when it looks sold out. Maybe it’s like someone else said earlier, FOMO marketing, people panic buy thinking they’re almost gone.

Really do hope 38 is opening, miss beholding the sea of middle fingers and general hatred spewed down there towards the away fans…so poetic
13:20, Fri 16 Feb
I don't know why we'd rebuild block 38 if we're not allowed to use it?

Has there been an official confirmation that the GMU has sold out to schools and football teams?? Club just put an announcement quoting there'll be over 25000 there. Surely if the GMU was open they be saying over 28000?
13:31, Fri 16 Feb
Can we start an "Operation Get There Early" now please just so I can rock up at usual time and not miss too many of our seven goals please?

This please, If everyone that does not normally attend can be in the ground by 2pm that would be handy so that we can leave the roost at 245ish and be in our seats by 255ish like usual. TIA

Turn left when you get on a plane.
13:43, Fri 16 Feb
Don’t think it’s worth reading the match preview too much, it’s thrown together pretty quickly.

Capacity is 29.4. Minus 1k for the segregation. Although I think the GMU has been given to schools I doubt it’ll be rammed. Bit of uncertainty around block 38 which is about 300 tickets. I’d expect around 27k.
13:46, Fri 16 Feb
I think we lost a couple of hundred off the capacity when they installed safe standing too.
Robert Hopkins
FFS can we give it a rest ? Some fans can afford to buy a ST and want to buy one. Some can't afford to but still do, some can afford but don't want to etc etc. At the end of the day everyone is free to do what they want, what they can afford to, what they can committ to. No one is better or worse than anyone else. The whole Call to Arms from Wagner was to get us all pulling in the same direction for the collective good. Those people 'calling out' other fans aren't doing that so are actully going against what Wagner wants - see you all tomorrow.

Up the feckin Blues