19:21, Sun 11 Feb
Both teams to score points in every quarter is 8/1 tonight.

Is that likely too happen?
19:24, Sun 11 Feb
Would think so, even if it’s just FGs, both are quite efficient offenses so should move the ball into scoring areas.
I’m hoping for a back and forth type game.

Jump on what decent Mccaffrey bets you can, he’s sure to score and produce the numbers.
19:26, Sun 11 Feb
Not sure about that. Niners D is excellent and KC's very well coached. Not sure it will be a high scoring game despite the array of offensive weapons Niners have and the Mahomes factor for KC.

I cant get away from KC and my one large bet is on the Chiefs to win it at Evens

They're establishing a dynasty and with Mahomes think they find a way again
19:37, Sun 11 Feb
Gone for an outsider in the first song by Usher in the half time show, "Pop Ya Collar" at 33-1
Super bowls are notably cagey and usually lower scoring than regular season games.

That bet would be close to 2/1 or even evens for a normal game. It’s 8/1 for a reason.
19:54, Sun 11 Feb
They've stopped taking bets on me being in bed before it starts.
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20:02, Sun 11 Feb
Barking Poslethwaite
They've stopped taking bets on me being in bed before it starts.

So will I but I'll watch it till fall asleep. Plenty of coffee tonight.
20:06, Sun 11 Feb
Had my nap so I'll see it through.

Go Chiefs
21:02, Sun 11 Feb
Still bitter the lions choked and also up at 7am so I won’t be watching.

Regardless, go Chiefs
21:10, Sun 11 Feb
Think a better bet is each team to score 10 pts in each half with SB.

49ers will win, McCaffrey to wipe the floor with Mahomes, as it were.
Super boost with Bet 355 with both teams getting 20+ points at 6/4.. lumped £20 on
21:58, Sun 11 Feb
I know absolutely nothing about NFL and have never watched a game but 6/4 seems a good price. Skybet have the same outcome at 10/11.
22:03, Sun 11 Feb
Pacheco anytime td
CMC over 33.5 recieving yards
Chiefs money line
22:20, Sun 11 Feb

FG and TD for each team in each half at 16s is decent.
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22:39, Sun 11 Feb
I wouldn’t go for that. Both defences are fairly good.