15:08, Tue 13 Feb
No need to preach here mate. I’m enjoying the transition.
Tony Fantastico
Rab C Nesbitt
There’s definitely some mate. Ridiculous but true.
I hope you’re right score wise.

FB is full of 'Told you so-ers' anyway, but Blues pages on there are particularly bad for it.
Up the feckin Blues
16:39, Tue 13 Feb
All I hope is we treat him with more respect on his return than we did on his departure. Then I hope we stuff em. The wazballers will be in utter melt down if we loose and I admit that would make me smile but not as much as 3 points.
17:59, Tue 13 Feb
Pirate Blue
Fair play to him said all the right things


Yep, you'd hope that he'd be dignified, professional and polite, and he was. He seems a decent bloke. Actually, I think he's probably my favourite manager since relegation until our Tone, although I did like Monk at the time. I also liked Lee Clark, but in much the same way that I like next doors dog who chases hot air balloons.

Chris Hughton no?