20:24, Mon 1 Apr
Loved it.
The new food for thought track is clearly going to be our new anthem.

Made you brush aside all the relegation worry etc and realise just what it means to be a Blues fan.
20:25, Mon 1 Apr
I have been nervous all day. The game was excruciating, the release of tension for the goal was visceral, then the anxiety of holding on. Beer medication in the Happy Abode. And then the after party was beautiful and strange. It will work. Thank you Blues, UB40 and Knight head.
20:29, Mon 1 Apr
I thought it was brilliant, watching it with my 9yr old daughter made me a tad emotional. She’s really starting to get into it now after 3 years of being a season ticket holder.
The win and then watching what was a great gig with a great crowd really getting into made you proud that we were chosen to follow this great club.
20:34, Mon 1 Apr
What a club!

A special day for a wonderful special Football Club.

Proud đź’™

Shame you couldn’t be there, fans like you deserve days like today.
20:34, Mon 1 Apr
sometimes you think the Birmingham City atmosphere that you cherish is disappearing, and then…. boom! there it is

the home games will see us through hopefully

the after match party with UB40 was great and brilliant for so many to stick around and enjoy the gig, in the sunshine with beers in hand

in this internet age it’s too easy to be cynical of ideas, and too easy for others to poke fun and be heard, but today was a great effort all round - players, management, fans and the band unite as one

of course the win helped to lighten the atmosphere, but unity will be a big thing for us and too often this season we’ve been divided - on and off the pitch

Keep Right On, forever true to the Royal Blue
20:36, Mon 1 Apr
New stadium talk
Blues win
UB40 concert
This town on the tele
Rags giving me a cuddle

I should be all Birmingham’d out but I just want more. Never change BCFC.
20:36, Mon 1 Apr
It was effing brilliant. Well done everyone at the club who made it happen.

Miserable fannys on here and Twitter said it would be dreadful. We won and half the crowd stayed behind for a good old session.

Up the effing Blues
20:43, Mon 1 Apr
What a day!

Great result….the music afterwards has done so much for the fans morale. A real party and feel good factor.

Well done all involved…loved it
20:48, Mon 1 Apr
Were the PNE fans invited to the Gig
20:48, Mon 1 Apr
Were the PNE fans invited to the Gig

From the Tilton you couldn’t see a lot but the sound was fantastic.

Really enjoyed it đź‘Ť
20:51, Mon 1 Apr
El Mayor
Were the PNE fans invited to the Gig


There was a couple hundred or so of them who stopped behind. Unless they went & were replaced by others whilst I was queuing at the bar.
20:54, Mon 1 Apr
No mate they were from the GMU
21:10, Mon 1 Apr
It was a fecking amazing day! Obvious, as had been mentioned, the win and the lovely weather helped but I was still surprised at how many stayed. And the togetherness of the crowd was palpable.