09:41, Tue 2 Apr
Dean peer
So reminded me of Paul mouldens goal v Charlton in a must win game in 93 today Both clean through bearing down on the tilton ,fair play to stansfield kept his nerve ,

Said the same, even down to the weather (which, given that was in May 1993, tells us the climate's getting warmer). Even thought it approaching the ground - the sort of weather where either something brilliant or terrible happens.
😂 bit older but I take your point
I was there too. Onside.
10:26, Tue 2 Apr
I thought Moulden was offside at the time, but I have seen the goal several times and it is very clear he wasn't.

I did not think yesterday's goal was particularly similar.
Moulden got the ball just outside the area, not close to the halfway line.

It took ages for Stansfield to score yesterday. I thought he was going to bottle it. It reminded me of Simon Sturridge going one on one with the keeper. I loved Studge, but he was terrible at one v ones. Except Stansfield did score.
11:27, Tue 2 Apr
I said exactly the same about the comparison with Moulden’s goal, took me back 31 years when Stansfield went through yesterday.
14:48, Tue 2 Apr
We need a VAR check on it.

At the time he appeared offside.

Strange seeing it again all these years. Can't always tell from video or freeze frames though.

The 'keeper might have done better as well. But he got it on target and it goes down in the books as a goal.

Stansfield's was different though: two defenders slip and he runs clear from halfway, finishes with a sidefoot just inside the post.
15:26, Tue 2 Apr
Eff VAR. onside because the lino didn’t flag
Tony Fantastico