15:50, Wed 15 May
They've sold 19,500. Decent that is and a figure we should be aiming for. I might be wrong but I'm sure ours is normally only around 13-14k.

Found this interesting:

One of the most encouraging stats to come out of the opening day of them going on sale between Monday lunchtime and midnight was the fact that 24 percent of those buying were not renewals, but fans who hadn’t bought one for the 2023/24 campaign just gone.

Of those new Sky Blues season ticket holders, a total of 91 percent had not purchased one in the last nine seasons, according to club data. And 41 percent had never bought a season ticket or match ticket in the last nine seasons – evidence that new or lapsed supporters are being attracted back to the club.

Bandwagon fans. Proves success attracts fans.
15:59, Wed 15 May
Over 1900 people buying a season ticket who hadn't even bought a match ticket in the last 9 years.

That's amazing really.
There's too much opinion and not enough fact.
16:02, Wed 15 May
...that's an interesting package, a free ST if they get to the PL in the next 4 years 🤷‍♂️😤

We are being clear with our ambition to get back to the top-flight of English football for the first time since 2001 and the Journey Continues!

Fans who purchased a Premier League Package ahead of the 2023/24 season need to buy their package again ahead of the 2024/25 campaign – they must do this to ensure they are eligible to get their FREE Season Ticket when the Sky Blues reach the Premier League.

Sky Blues fans who renew their Premier League package will get a FREE Season Ticket if they keep renewing each season and if Coventry City achieve promotion to the Premier League within the next 4 years.

The renewal price remains set at £500 for fans who joined this package last year and will remain the same over the duration of the package.

We are also re-opening the Premier League Package for more fans to take advantage of the scheme!

The new Premier League package 2.0 is set at £550 for new purchasers to this scheme fixed for the next 4 seasons if they keep renewing each season, until we reach the Premier League when the package will end.

Both last season’s Premier League package and the new Premier League Package 2.0 conclude at the end of the 2027/28 season – supporters need to keep renewing to remain part of their package.
16:18, Wed 15 May
Was going to say, bet they weren’t getting nowhere near that when they were plummeting through the divisions and in turmoil.
16:28, Wed 15 May
When they were at Sixfields the average home attendance was 2,287.
16:44, Wed 15 May
So they don’t have any match day fans?
Because 20k is about what they get each week on average isn’t it?
Stadium always looks like a sea of sky blue seats whenever I see the ground on telly or highlight shows.
19:18, Wed 15 May
Cov have always been a club with pretty shite support but as we know a bit of success will bring out fair weather fans and Tbf they have been decent for 3-4 seasons now.
What I would say is, that when they turn shit again within the next 3 years they will be lucky to get average crowds of 13k.
19:29, Wed 15 May
That can’t be right. They’re the biggest club in the world aren’t they, or that’s what their fans keep telling me 😉
20:59, Wed 15 May
I want ours on sale right now. I have money to give to the club this minute and we have plenty of fans who have not had a season ticket before/or for years just itching to buy.

Time to crack on Blues.
Turn left when you get on a plane.
21:01, Wed 15 May
Yeah I wish they were on sale but they will be. But I’d go to the under 18 game on Saturday if they were on sale
Tony Fantastico
23:02, Wed 15 May
They are, bought two this afternoon
Happy Clapper
23:12, Wed 15 May
They were on sale Friday
00:17, Thu 16 May
Over 1900 people buying a season ticket who hadn't even bought a match ticket in the last 9 years.

That's amazing really.

effing shit fans really. Didn't want to know when the club needed them.

Coventrys support is a myth. Hope they fold.

Consistently correct and proven right.
00:17, Thu 16 May
To be honest there’s not much else to do in Coventry.
00:18, Thu 16 May
Mister Mutley
To be honest there’s not much else to do in Coventry.

Yeah it's either got to Coventry or fiddle your sister and I think there's a waiting list at villa

Consistently correct and proven right.