10:15, Wed 29 May
A Rowett team trying to break down a poor league one team with 10 men in their own box makes me feel physically ill.

Has any team ever drawn every game in a season 0-0?

Given the likely talent gap, we'd probably nick a decent number of tight 1-0s, as a reward for comfortably outspending the rest of the division...
10:15, Wed 29 May
I was against Alex Neil coming in and not entirely sure why. I had the impression that he is some old dinosaur that has bounced from club to club.

I came across this video last night which has changed my views, He comes across really well IMO

Intelligent, approachable, seems to have a sense of humour but also wont take any cr@p & most importantly for me he looks to build a good relationship with his players

Crazy that hes only 42, 8 years younger than Rowett, 3 years younger than Lampard! Promotions to the championship and premier league at 42. If he had a fancy name and wore a turtle neck he would be getting touted for the Bayern job (maybe not quite lol)

I also watched this yesterday and my opinion of him grew quite a bit. As you said, came across really well.

My doubts remain on his style vs what the leadership team at blues idealistically want, but that's not to say he's boring negative Rowett-esque etc at all. I just wonder if they'll go for someone who's better known for their attractive football. Certainly wouldn't be opposed to Neil now though
10:45, Wed 29 May
Fat Buddha CBE FEA
Nikola Zigic- FEA
I’d be chuffed. I’d rather that than someone off the shit job merry go round.

The last decade has bored me to tears though.

Same. Give me someone unknown that has been working wonders else where. Surely there is a league 1 equivalent of De Zerbi somewhere. It seems our data analysts are restricted to only look in the UK.

And you know that how?

How do you know that

Define what’s wrong with ‘and you know this how?’
13:44, Wed 29 May
Gary Rowett would take us up IMO, so would Alex Neil

But what would be the point (something I say everyday 🙈) in that long term.

The reason I’m saying it looks very likely is a lot of people are reporting it. Although having said that they seem to be just taking each other’s lead.
13:47, Wed 29 May
500 💙
Turn left when you get on a plane.