16:40, Thu 23 May
Latest Birmingham City news from BirminghamLive includes the lowdown from Stoke City on managerial candidate Alex Neil

17:11, Thu 23 May
Are we going to get articles like this for every manager that is linked with us?
17:25, Thu 23 May
Up the feckin Blues
17:50, Thu 23 May
Gotta make them click dollars somehow
'I truly believe that at some point during his Pompey tenure, Cotterill stated into the abyss and was met, after a time, with the gentlest of breezes and carried upon that breeze was a tiny, sweet voice, whispering "Everyone knows you're a ****". Over and over and over.' - The Secret Footballer, on Steve Cotterill.
18:07, Thu 23 May
Looked on stoke fan page ... dont seem to rate him
18:34, Thu 23 May
Stoke is like that elephant burial ground in Lion King but for promising managers.