09:36, Wed 10 Jul
Rab C Nesbitt
He’ll probably fit in well but seriously I’ll be surprised if he’s there a month

Daft thing is that he was also going for "slightly more money" but when we he worked it out, with his missus, he forgot to take his bonus in to consideration and so will be working for less money now LOL
13:38, Wed 10 Jul
Rab C Nesbitt
He's a machine...
No. I’m somewhere between good bloke and a right fanny.
Depends what people are like before you can judge what I am when I’m around them

Rab there is a postie called Roy Evans, in Hall Green, who delivers to my mum, aged 93 with Dementia. He is a lovely guy, his only fault is being a vile. Back in the early 70s his dad took us all to vile pork to watch Santos and Pele. Great experience but I never turned!!

He's my postie. Really helpful 👌 gave me a lift when putting my new cooker in. I give him grief about being a Viler but he takes it well for a DVB !
13:50, Wed 10 Jul
Small world ay it
Tony Fantastico