07:44, Wed 10 Jul
Tonight 55%

If we do win tonight:

Sunday 45%

What do we all think?.

I'm seeking inspiration.
08:03, Wed 10 Jul
Southgate has a plan to draw the semi final, go through and draw the final.

No wins or losses allowed
Doesn't matter. At this stage just be happy and enjoy the game. Our team is still in the competition. There’s only 3 nations still with an interest in it and ours is one of them.
08:28, Wed 10 Jul
England would have a better chance of beating Spain than we did of beating Arsenal in 2011. Just have to get there first.
10:53, Wed 10 Jul
Just before kick off the usual suspects will demand Southgate resigns at halftime as England go on to win 2-1.
masqueraiding as a intelligent person
No different to a lot of frogs thoughts about Deschamps
Tony Fantastico
11:28, Wed 10 Jul
Easy win tonight - 2 or 3 nil

Win on penalties in the final..

Open top bus parade in Amsterdam when they return with the cup