12:41, Wed 10 Jul
Have we ever completely sold it out with just season tickets? Can’t be more than around 400 left, with obviously the non renewers to be added on Friday.

Would be some achievement, and don’t think it’s impossible with another month of sales.
Don't think it's been done in the years I've been following.

This year looks close.

I'd love it if they sold it out, be amazing considering the drop to League One.
12:50, Wed 10 Jul
wouldnt they always keep some back for matchday sales anyway
12:53, Wed 10 Jul
No way, if they can sell them, they will.
12:59, Wed 10 Jul
Pretty certain with the lower they said there would be a % which they would hold back for match by match sales. It certainly was a voting option.
13:21, Wed 10 Jul
It was a voting option but I wonder if they'll actually hold any back. It doesn't look like they are.

If I was them I wouldn't, get the match-by-match people in the lower kop filling that out and sell as many season tickets as possible.

It would be something else if we managed to get a fully sold out Tilton all year... I just saw a video that featured the championship home table from last season and we were 9th, only a point or two off 7th. Our home advantage is a real thing and if the club can build on that, they should.
13:23, Wed 10 Jul
I will need 3 together for the first game in Lower Tilton or Tilton/Kop corner for a couple of family members that live in the USA as will not be any seats close to my ST seat.

I will buy a ticket for myself so I can sit with them but will NOT be swapping my block 11 ST. This way I can pop back and see the lads at any time during the game and if someone has decided to sit in my seat they will have to feck off.

Would be great to have a full Tilton for every game.
Turn left when you get on a plane.