17:51, Sun 5 Aug
I mentioned on the match thread yesterday that the “live” option wasn’t working for me, and someone else said they were having a similar problem.

Was it just the two of us, or is it a generall problem caused by the new format?

(I’m using Safari on an iPad btw.)
Quote Fat Buddha: “I might be wrong ...”
18:06, Mon 6 Aug
Quote Fat Buddha: “I might be wrong ...”
18:09, Mon 6 Aug
The 'live' view has been retired for a while.

Something similar will replace it during the season.

Exactly what that something will be is yet to be finalised.
18:16, Mon 6 Aug
Thanks Andy.

I hope something similar does replace it, as it's always a good way for those of us exiles who don’t have Blues TV to follow the games.
Quote Fat Buddha: “I might be wrong ...”