14:39, Mon 6 Aug
Please bring back feck. I liked to read it in a Father Ted accent.

Flip doesn't work, especially when people put 'fliping', it just makes it look like people who use the forum are imbeciles who can't swear or spell.
Rags on the new Forum:
"Who on earth still has signatures showing ? ... they're the same every single time ... you've read 'em once then just hide them forever"
14:48, Mon 6 Aug
I can cope with eff, effing is flipping ridiculous
14:58, Mon 6 Aug
Like a good feck me
16:22, Mon 6 Aug
I agree.

Being of Oirish oranges I like a good feck over a flip any day. As pointed out flipping is not even spelt correctly either.

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22:13, Mon 6 Aug

Feck that
15:21, Fri 10 Aug
Flip makes me laugh.

An old student of mine used to hate swearing, so he used to regularly say "Flip Me". And "Bullcrap" was another phrase
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