16:44, Thu 4 Oct
Why not just install Google Chrome. You can do what you want and then get on with your life Micky. It'll take 5 minutes if that!
17:21, Thu 4 Oct

You know how conservative I am Worcs.

I've got zoom text and NaturallySpeaking I'm sure there will be problems.
17:33, Thu 4 Oct
Not sure about zoom text but Dragon is fine with Chrome.
23:10, Thu 4 Oct
A shortcut isn't an image though. An image file on the internet is usually a .jpg or a .png, or a .gif or sometimes a .bmp.

*How* you get the link to the image isn't really important. What is important is that, when you paste it into your forum post, it starts with 'https' and it ends with one of the image file formats above. right click and try and get the image location. That is the address of the image that you need to reference in your forum post.

Linked Image
Waggeh: "All because some fat lad from Rubery slapped greasy Jack with his bingo wing."
09:18, Fri 5 Oct
Thanksto everyonewho tried to help. I took WDelete oadvice and installed a new browser, Firefox.

Just need to sort out commands on Dragon now.
09:19, Fri 5 Oct
Well done Micky!

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