09:20, Wed 17 Oct
Morning Andy.
Any idea why when I post a video link I don’t get the embedded video like many others rather I see [www.youtube.com]">

I have tried copying both the URL from the address bar, and right clicking on the video and copying the URL however both result in the same.

Oooo, I have just tried putting the link direct into the message body and it works.

So maybe this has been a waste of time as I have a workaround, but still would like to understand why the proper way doesn’t work.

Using Windows10, Firefox 62.0.3 (64-bit). Also happens using Chrome 69.0.3497.100

I don't know what the feck you just said little man, but you're special
11:55, Mon 22 Oct
Use the share link from youtube, so in your case it's https: //youtu.be/urRVZ4SW7WU