00:24, Fri 18 Jan
A few of us on here were on STB in its heyday, when webchats went on late into the night and the moderator before the superb and well respected Pearcy was an anonymous bloke called Brian.
Sadly footymad ruined it with advertising which interrupted every topic and we had a New Zealand international footballer and guys from Tasmania and India and lads who were fighting in Iraq and sadly never came back.
Anyway I digress. One really useful feature that they had was in the sidebar you could see who was online, anytime 24/7 so if I wanted to chat to BS62 or FatBudha or argue with that grumpy old sod Generalblue I knew they were around. Just a suggestion loik.
02:51, Fri 18 Jan
Not a bad shout IMHO
Regards, Mick
05:38, Fri 18 Jan
Mick it was a useful feature in that you could check in and then avoid barmy fekkers
such as Spionkop
Rosie ....Ohh Rosie ....I'd like to paint your knickers Blue and White !
13:25, Fri 18 Jan
The feature exists and is available for moderators but is not generally available at the moment.

When I get a chance I'll have a look at sorting out some of the privacy issues and see if I can release it into the wild.
08:51, Mon 21 Jan
We'll all need to sign GDPR disclaimers now.
Luckily, the amount of heroin I use is harmless. I inject about once a month on a purely recreational basis. Fine. But what about other people less stable, less educated, less middle-class than me? Builders or blacks for example. If you're one of those, my advice to you is leave well alone. Good luck.