12:27, Mon 25 Feb
Could somebody please post a step by step guide for the elderly and infirm please :-).

Ya very much in advance.

Keep Up the good work people.
13:04, Mon 25 Feb
You can't do it directly.

You need to find somewhere to host the picture first.
13:08, Mon 25 Feb
I use Photobucket to store all my pics on my iPhone.
Is that able to be used on SHA? If so how. Bit of a minefield :-(.
13:30, Mon 25 Feb
sussed it thanks from photo bucket
You need to c&p the ‘Direct’ link and hey presto
14:34, Mon 25 Feb
Sorry I didn’t make it crystal clear.
When using Photobucket to post pictures on SHA

1• Select your chosen picture.
2• Click the square icon with vertical arrow
3• Click ‘Copy’ icon on iPhone
4• Click ‘Direct’ option given
5• open SHA to post on thread
6• click panoramic icon far right hand side of screen
7• c&p the link you have copied from photobucket
8• post & hey presto

Hope this helps anybody else in the wilderness
12:59, Thu 7 Mar
A few weeks back I wanted to post a picture of our lovely little doggy we were looking after.

Managed to do it with the help of Mrs B but there was too much detail given about the link. Didn't post it in the end.

Am I being a bit paranoid or just careful?