08:18, Thu 27 Apr
The site seems to be on a go-slow ?
Refresh etc
Just me or ??
Jude should be front and centre of everything England do in the attacking third of the pitch.
Give him the armband now too !
06:32, Fri 28 Apr
Yep. Had it all day yesterday and seems the same today on all mobile browsers.

Is unusable. Had to spend the day looking at Reddit!!
Everything in moderation, even moderation.
17:42, Fri 28 Apr
Fine on phone and work laptop, slow as eff on my home pc.
19:04, Fri 28 Apr
Really slow here. I'm on my desktop using Chrome; I've tried Firefox too.

It takes 30 to 60 seconds to open up each link or reply to a message.

I tried this morning and just assumed that the site was down as it didn't open within a reasonable time. I had a little more patience this evening and it loaded up eventually.