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Next season

Who do you reckon is going to take A - top 2 automatic promotion positions B - 4 playoff teams C - 3 relegation

Monk Marvin 17 Jun

WorcsBlues 04:52


Flight MH370 What really happened?

Watched a few documentaries the last few weeks concerning the missing plane, and i reckon it was the pilot who flew it into the sea.

Zolsk 17 Jun

Spying Cop 00:11


Groundshare logistics

Just wondering what the effect of the groundshare with Coventry will have on things like the club shop on Saturdays when Cov are at St Andrews?

mad 00:07

mad 00:07


tech wizard help needed

Have a xaomi redmi 5 plus phone..but i'm unable to connect with my pc...anyone on here have same make of phone but are up and running...

Ray Mac 17 Jun

Blue H 17 Jun


Lee Bowyer

His owner doesn't seem exactly rewarding him either []

Scoobers 17 Jun

El Mayor 17 Jun


Trip to London

I'm taking my boy whose 14 to London for four days at the end of July has anybody got any ideas were to go, what to do, good places to

BCFC 17 Jun

Mr Blue Sky 17 Jun


Being Blues

What does it mean?

blueboyblue 17 Jun

Rob 17 Jun


A Full St Andrews .....World Beaters KRO


bruggeaway 16 Jun

DES 17 Jun


Any new restaurants to try?Page: 1234

For my upcoming month in God's own City. Independants please.

sopwith 15 Jun

Fall Purr Long 17 Jun


RIP Bushwick Bill

My mind is playing tricks on me. I found out today that the little man is no more.

foghorn leghorn 17 Jun

foghorn leghorn 17 Jun


Coventry City - Hickman video

Apologies if already posted but this sums up the problem of these young lads think they have made it before they have actually done anything []

Englishblue 17 Jun

Monk Marvin 17 Jun


BSH: The EndgamePage: 1234

In the fallout from everything that happened on Thursday one of the most common questions Ive been asked what I know about the motives of the owners of Birmingham City. 16 Jun

StechyBlue 17 Jun


Today's CricketPage: 12345

Weather forecast. Southampton. Cloudy, 18% chance of rain around midday then the chances of rain decreases for the rest of the day. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Micky Darrell 14 Jun

the ferret 17 Jun


Carabao Cup 2019/20 first round draw to be held in Morrisons supermarket

Excitement is building ahead of the 2019/20 season []

Birmingham Mail 17 Jun

B13blues 17 Jun


'Tricky one' Birmingham City fans will love this Arsenal comparison

BCFC star bigs-up two-footed team-mate []

Birmingham Mail 17 Jun

Valencia 17 Jun


King ArryPage: 123456

At the touchwood center in Solihull today. Quite a big queue and having a laugh with the young Blues kids.

bluemike 15 Jun

DES 17 Jun


US Open Golf thread

Who are you backing?

Rab C Nesbitt 12 Jun

European Bob 17 Jun


Derby county

looks like frankie is going home back to the bridge.... wonder who they will go for as next manager?

Mario kempes 78 14 Jun

LondonBlue 17 Jun


Paypal help

Bought a puschair from this woman on Gumtree and paid by paypal.

Zolsk 17 Jun

Zolsk 17 Jun


Reece Brown

Another one off to 'uddersfield. I bet he would have preferred coming back to blues.

e17blue 17 Jun

DES 17 Jun