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Thank you from Australia

Just wanted to take the time to thank every one from the forum who offered their seats, chased leads, sent emails, made calls, sent pm's and went out of

AussieBlue 05:14

Rab C Nesbitt 10:18


Richard Beale on retain and release


Birmingham City 09:30

El Mayor 10:10


Tickets prices (Again)

How much did Sheffield united charge us for a midweek game up there, was it £29 ?

Greebo joe 07:31

Durham Blues 09:56


Anybody got kids in Year 10 or 11 (doing GSEs)

Hi all, My company has built an online revision tool to help kids revise for science GCSEs. I'm looking for guinea pigs to test it.

fradge 20 Mar

Nj 09:52


"Only at Blues..."Page: 1234

- Would be burn our main stand down throwing a bucket of petrol over a small fire thinking it was water.

Louie Donowa 21 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 09:47



Just lost to Kazakhstan 3-0 in a qualifier. An all time low for em?

Pablo Ibanez 21 Mar

Espana 08:27


Blues on The One Show


Charlie Woodford 20 Mar

DB 08:20


The Secret Footballer

Just read a copy I picked up for 99p at Acorn. It was ok. Only read it for the gossip. Kitson, innit?

scouty 21 Mar

Mario kempes 78 07:45


Birmingham chief Xuandong Ren 'smashed up room' at St Andrew's after home defeat by MillwallPage: 12345

Birmingham chief executive Xuandong Ren went into a rage and smashed glasses in a private room at St Andrews after defeat by Millwall last week. []

Daily Mail 18 Mar

Waggeh 06:43



Can I please go back to my fanny Villa cousin who took the Daily Mail clickbait that he was sacked as 'proof' he hit Grealish that he didn't and wasn't?

scouty 21 Mar

TheBlueNation 05:43


ruby naughty

many years ago,when i worked at cadburys. i decided to form a reggae band. most of the others worked there to,except jack the hat,he worked at mcvities.

bwch y pysgod 21 Mar

Vince knows 21 Mar


Two baggies tickets needed

Like rocking horse shite I know but anybody know of any going spare please PM me

bruggeaway 21 Mar

bruggeaway 21 Mar


13RUM or KROPage: 123

im thinking of getting a personalised number plate for the wheels. with either brum or kro in it. what do you reckon. kro is well known im our area.

bwch y pysgod 20 Mar

Paneristi 21 Mar


Under-23s contract announcements

Blues have offered new contracts to seven of the Club's Development Squad regulars.Attacker Odin Bailey, whose professional deal was due to expire this summer, has been offered a two-year deal.

Birmingham City 21 Mar

Blue H 21 Mar


Redknapp: B'ham trouble not my faultPage: 123

Harry Redknapp has denied responsibility for Birmingham City's overspending, which could see the club deducted 12 points. []

Sky Sports 21 Mar

DES 21 Mar


Team sheet from last game

I seem to recall a new rule being announced last year, where at least 10 outfield players named in last week’s game (Game before 28th March), must appear on subsequent

666VAN 21 Mar

wannabee bailey 21 Mar


Blues networking breakfastPage: 123

I`m pleased to say I attended this morning and I must say a big well done to our commercial department and the sponsors and everyone who spoke there today.

DES 19 Mar

Paneristi 21 Mar


Streaming Company

The people involved in running a streaming service get serious jail time []

TheBlueNation 21 Mar

321ByelzdarB 21 Mar


Science Question

If you dropped Jack Grealish and Tyrone Mings from the top of a 14 storey block of flats which of them would hit the ground first ? .

Rags 21 Mar

Greebo joe 21 Mar


Charlie Lakin pens new Blues deal

Teenage Blues midfielder Charlie Lakin has been rewarded with a new extended contract which runs until June 2021.

Birmingham City 21 Mar

Musername 21 Mar


Harry's Heroes.

Great watch, btw.

Bluesince62 18 Mar

Bluesince62 21 Mar


4 Wins.

That's all it is. 4 Wins.

Jameron Cerome 20 Mar

Slightly Turbid 21 Mar


Doctors bbc 1

Was just on in the background 😉 and their is a scene in a bar with peoetry readings.

Greebo joe 21 Mar

Greebo joe 21 Mar


B'ham could have points deduction delayedPage: 12345678910

Birmingham City could avoid a points deduction this season and instead begin next season's campaign on minus points, Sky Sports News understands. []

Sky Sports 18 Mar

Greebo joe 21 Mar


Another musician gone (belated)

Legendary session drummer Hal Blaine (Wrecking Crew), aged 90.

Wolvobluenose 21 Mar

Slightly Turbid 21 Mar



-- moved topic --

Fat Buddha 21 Mar

Message Moved


EFL statement...Page: 1234

Breaking now...

tool 18 Mar

B_C_F_C 21 Mar


Bad TimesPage: 123

We're a pretty resilient bunch arent we, unlike the fannies across the city. I guess past experiences have hardened us.

Rail 18 Mar

foghorn leghorn 21 Mar


Deals for Blues Scholars

The Club has made its decision on the future of Scholarship players.Eight second or third year Scholars have been offered professional contracts.Goalkeeper Zach Jeacock has been offered a three-year deal.

Birmingham City 20 Mar

Screamoblue 21 Mar


Stat for you

If we lose to the Baggies we'll have taken 0 points from the month of March.

El Mayor 19 Mar

bluearmyfaction 20 Mar