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Join us for our first networking event of 2021!


Birmingham City 15:00

Birmingham City 15:00


Upper Kop re-openingPage: 12345

Genuine question not a moan, has anyone any ideas when?

johnthefence 16 Sep

Nikola Zigic 14:51


Blues Business Club memberships on sale now!


Birmingham City 14:40

Birmingham City 14:40


Derby 9 Point Deduction Plus 3 SuspendedPage: 1234

Been widely reported nationally and locally Derby have agreed to a 9 point deduction with 3 suspended with the EFL, just need to agree on a business plan going forward

NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots 15 Sep

Sheep2 14:25



I thought he looked very good when he came on yesterday.

Tiltonblue 16 Sep

Antonio Gramsci 14:20


Posh Predictions

Think there will be goals in this one.

Bluemarc81 13:18

Antonio Gramsci 14:17


Pounds and ounces coming back.

I worked in a shop, as a kid, and had to work out both decimal and imperial. I can't do it now. What next?

Antonio Gramsci 12:31

Antonio Gramsci 14:12


Concern for supporter taken ill during Birmingham City vs Fulham

The game was in its early stages when a situation developed in the Tilton Road end behind Matija Sarkics goal []

Birmingham Mail 15 Sep

bluemike 14:05


Driving phobia

Has anyone on here ever had it....the wife suffers bad with it nowadays too the point she's even nervous when I'm driving on the motorway myself....

Mario kempes 13:00

bluer than blues 13:47


Blues join TikTok!


Birmingham City 13:10

bluechip 13:18


Sir Clive Sinclair - RIP

Sir Clive Sinclair has died.

Rags 16 Sep

Rags 12:40


QPR Away

Morning , Living in London but looking for a QPR away ticket If anyone could sort will pay more than face value , you obviously get the loyalty

London_blu_kro 15 Sep

Blue Aitch 12:32


Posh Pubs

Where’s the best place to head before the game tomorrow?

alj147 11:56

GBlue 12:20


To St Andrew’s through the road works

Wtf is happening on the Coventry Road.

johnthefence 16 Sep

Super Hans 12:13


Messi vs Ronaldo (again)

It's a debate that's raged for years and I've always believed that Ronaldo deserved the crown for his ability to transfer his talent to every team he's played in, most

bluer than blues 16 Sep

Sheep2 12:06


Peterborough Ticket

Spare Adult Peterborough Ticket for sale, face value £28.00, can meet outside ground tonight.

blues429 15 Sep

CVBlue19 11:43


Stadium Update: Friday 17 September


Birmingham City 11:00

Birmingham Mail 11:15


The P WordPage: 1234567

I've got a feeling in my bones that this is our year, the right ingredients seem to be coming together in some magical way.

steve aerobic 14 Sep

A_n_E 10:41


Blues vs Fulham Match ThreadPage: 123456789101112131415161718

Unchanged line up and bench

Nose of Blue 15 Sep

Le Mod 09:41


Happy Enckleman Day

Pah. Thought we had missed it?

Bluewurst 16 Sep

bluemike 00:07