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EFL: Nine Point DeductionPage: 1234

The EFL today confirmed in a statement that the independent disciplinary hearing has ruled that Birmingham City will be deducted nine points as a result of a breach of the 22 Mar

El Mayor 08:07


If there was ever a time to pull together

Everyone needs to get their arses to these last 4 home games and bring the roof down to help the boys home to safety!

C3PO 22 Mar

C3PO 07:52


Henderson and DierPage: 123

🤢 We play so much better when Henderson doesn’t start. Still..

duttyo 22 Mar

bluer than blues 07:49


In the net

[] There's surely a better way ?

generalBlue 06:32

generalBlue 07:46


Club Statement: EFL Commission

The Club is in receipt of the decision of an independent Disciplinary Commission in relation to the EFL's Profitability and Sustainability Rules, over a three-year period since 2015/16.

Birmingham City 22 Mar

Bluestaines 07:46



Just had an interesting thought, can he play for us again now IF the only reason he couldnt play was to do with finances?

Pablo Ibanez 22 Mar

Waggeh 07:45


Snowdonia Zip Wire

What a beautiful day for flying ! Blondie's nervous 😝 Wait til she finds out about Jogging up Snowdon tomorrow 😂😂 (....

generalBlue 20 Mar

generalBlue 06:59


"Only at Blues..."Page: 12345

- Would be burn our main stand down throwing a bucket of petrol over a small fire thinking it was water.

Louie Donowa 21 Mar

WarwickKRO 02:04


It's Friday, it was only 9, what you drinking?

Feeling chipper, was expecting worse, will be out later for a few ales in relief and to celebrate the coming battle. Up the feckin Blues.

Bluesince62 22 Mar

Durham Blues 01:34


It’s nice

To have some games that matter, give us that familiar frisson. I was worried that the season was petering out into meaningless ennui.

Fat Buddha 22 Mar

B13blues 22 Mar


Villa, Sheff Weds, Derby .....

Daily mail link but.... []

Valencia 22 Mar

B13blues 22 Mar


Who's next?

- 2 points deducted if you lose over £2m more than you should. - 7 points if you lose more than £8m than you should.

Chelè 22 Mar

Dougie Bell 22 Mar


Are we the new Millwall?

No one likes us we don’t care!

Ronaldeahno 22 Mar

Dougie Bell 22 Mar


Can I be the first

To thank our Ren for the signing of Pederson, a player who is a vast inmprovement on the player he replaced.

Fat Buddha 22 Mar

Sir Heisenberg 22 Mar



Just lost to Kazakhstan 3-0 in a qualifier. An all time low for em?

Pablo Ibanez 21 Mar

BCFC Block 28 22 Mar


Redknapp: B'ham trouble not my faultPage: 1234

Harry Redknapp has denied responsibility for Birmingham City's overspending, which could see the club deducted 12 points. []

Sky Sports 21 Mar

TrevorFrancisTrackSuits 22 Mar


Report: QPR Under-23s 1 Blues Under-23s 4

Blues Under-23s cruised to a 4-1 victory in their latest PDL clash, overpowering a young QPR side at Loftus Road.

Birmingham City 22 Mar

generalBlue 22 Mar


EFL statementPage: 12345

We now have their official statement [] and here is the full 15-page judgement []

WorcsAzul 22 Mar

choc4 22 Mar


Birmingham handed nine-point deductionPage: 123456789101112

Birmingham City have been handed an immediate nine-point deduction by the EFL for breaching Profitability and Sustainability rules, Sky Sports News understands. []

Sky Sports 22 Mar

Paneristi 22 Mar


Plus Points of Minus Nine Points

🤯 Morrison can have a new contract 👍

B13blues 22 Mar

Casper 22 Mar


EFL sanction


Blues Trust 22 Mar

WorcsAzul 22 Mar


A Fair Outcome?

This whole saga has been quite a piss-take, the incompetence of the EFL has been highlighted greatly and it even seems every man and his tax dodging dog are trying

Lock The Locks 22 Mar

B13blues 22 Mar


villa thread


scouty 21 Mar

Russell Leond 22 Mar



On sky sports news now 🤪

Greebo joe 22 Mar

Azza 22 Mar


Song for Dong??????

Think he deserves one now 😁

B13blues 19 Mar

Scoobers 22 Mar


Science Question

If you dropped Jack Grealish and Tyrone Mings from the top of a 14 storey block of flats which of them would hit the ground first ? .

Rags 21 Mar

B13blues 22 Mar


Thank you from Australia

Just wanted to take the time to thank every one from the forum who offered their seats, chased leads, sent emails, made calls, sent pm's and went out of

AussieBlue 22 Mar

B13blues 22 Mar


Richard Beale on retain and release


Birmingham City 22 Mar

DES 22 Mar


Anybody got kids in Year 10 or 11 (doing GSEs)

Hi all, My company has built an online revision tool to help kids revise for science GCSEs. I'm looking for guinea pigs to test it.

fradge 20 Mar

Mrs W 22 Mar


Tickets prices (Again)

How much did Sheffield united charge us for a midweek game up there, was it £29 ?

Greebo joe 22 Mar

Durham Blues 22 Mar