Championship free agents

Confirmed Championship free agents according to Alex Dicken. One or two of these must be worth a punt for us, surely?

triplet dad 26 May

Super Hans 08:16


Style or Pragmatism/PromotionPage: 1234

What do you think is more important, going up by any means necessary (and ignoring playing style) or looking to bring someone in who’s main focus is establishing a playing

JourneyOn 26 May

TaylorJay84 08:15


Playoff finalPage: 123

Score prediction of 2-0 to Leeds Can't see many goals in it.

Bcfc 26 26 May

Bluesince62 F.E.A. 08:04


Season tickets

Still no announcement yet Is there a reason why not ?

shd 00:13

666VAN 07:54


Daniel farke

Inevitably getting the boot.

Leecampsclamp 26 May

Pearcy 01:22


Can I Request A Song Please (Leeds Utd Edition)

Whoever did this fair play 👏😂 [x.com]

TaylorJay84 26 May

Yew Tree Blue 00:38


Favourite Dog breedPage: 12345

It’s the close season, we are waiting for a new manager, so to take our mind off things , what is your favourite breed of dog ?

Southwest blue 25 May

Rab C Nesbitt 26 May


Grayson murray

Has Died aged 30 [www.bbc.com]

Bcfc 26 25 May

Mister Mutley 26 May


The Great Manchester Run

Why is this televised but the Birmingham equivalent isn't?

Nikola Zigic- FEA 26 May

Holdsworth_MaraSonner 26 May


Alex NeilPage: 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829

Might not be popular with some, but of all the managers listed, this guy probably fits the bill most for what we're looking for.

montypenguin 22 May

Waggeh 26 May


Paul Weller, 66 Today

Happy Birthday you effing genius

Yew Tree Blue 25 May

King Tut 26 May


BHXPage: 123

Any one flew out of there the last couple of days?

Ribeye 26 May

The Fixer 26 May


Playoff Final …..Dutch one

Suspended. In injury time. Surprised they suspended it. Didn’t look that bad.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 26 May

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 26 May


Blues' loan rangers

Blues' loan rangers [www.bcfc.com]

Birmingham City 26 May

gerry1875 26 May


Why Birmingham City should look at Frank Lampard for managerial vacancyPage: 123

The Keep Right On Podcast has discussed Frank Lampard's suitability to the vacant position at Birmingham City [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 26 May

The Fly 26 May



They’re going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again aren’t they?

coventrybluenose 26 May

IanT 26 May


Cheese. Let's Talk Cheese.

I walk down the cheese aisle at Sainsbury's and I'm always in a quandary.

Herefordshire Cider Boozer 25 May

jj bluenose 26 May


Brandon khela

Just come on and scored for Ross County.

Bcfc 26 26 May

Novakainian 26 May


Wheels Park Car Park ?

I saw this mentioned a while ago, can I fact check it please. Possible use of a part of the site for Blues parking over the coming seasons.

Runaway Train 26 May

Royale Blue FEA 26 May


Blues super fan of the year

At the play off final today.

Thongs 26 May

Rab C Nesbitt 26 May