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Most improved parts of the uk

Well it's well depressing reading how many shitholes are about these days so what about areas you've visited etc thats actually improved?

Zolsk 14:21

Haircut1000 17:37


Backroom departures


Birmingham City 17:05

Super Hans 17:35


Hugging Strangers: new book about supporting us.Page: 12345

Well, thank goodness that's over....

JonB 23 Jul

JonB 17:32


Footballers and Covid Restrictions...

.....they really are as selfish and as thick as sh1t. []

Mr Miyagi and the X-Men 17:13

Rab C Nesbitt 17:23


Signing(s) todayPage: 1234

Got a hunch ;)

Milhouse Blues 10 Aug

Le Mod 17:14


Yes or noPage: 1234

Hypothetically, would you take the following (assume whatever wages you want) balancing what we require and costs?

Holdsworth_MaraSonner 7 Aug

Holdsworth_MaraSonner 17:07


Sub for the Pub?

Not for me, way too expensive at around £3 a pint in your own home. []

Herefordshire Cider Boozer 10 Aug

IanT 16:39



[] Don’t let the facts get in the way, gutter press.

Greebo joe 10 Aug

Rab C Nesbitt 16:27


Blues adminPage: 1234

So it looks like Blues admin on Twitter only works evenings! Very strange goings only updating the first day back so late on.

Rave-On 06:50

SteveCherry 16:02



My lad has just shown me something online that we've arrange a friendly against Spurs at the end of this month, anyone else seen that?

Nose of Blue 15:19



When Birmingham City's fixtures could be released

Attention has already turned to the impending start of the new campaign. []

Birmingham Mail 14:35

Rab C Nesbitt 15:56


Roughest parts OF the UK you've been toPage: 1234567891011

All of Carlisle Farnworth near Bolton Cowdenbeath St Anne's in Nottingham Sinfin Derby Tile Hill Coventry

MMBlue 7 Aug

TheBlueNation 15:47


Birmingham City linked with Kayden Jackson following Ipswich Town decision

Birmingham City transfer news: Kayden Jackson has reportedly turned down the offer of a new contract at Ipswich Town and Championship rivals Coventry City have also been linked []

Birmingham Mail 10 Aug

Smelly Cat 14:50


Most improved current player under Karanka?

While we wait for some new signings, I thought I'd start a thread about how Karanka will improve our current senior players.

Baloo 10:41

LondonBlue 14:21


Friend to Birmingham City - who is the Middlesbrough full-back?

Friend has been linked with a move to St Andrew's this summer []

Birmingham Mail 13:00

bluechip 13:10


Fire in Brum

Where is it?

Rab C Nesbitt 10 Aug

crude 11:41


Birmingham City linked with 'highly-rated' Chelsea goalkeeper Nathan BaxterPage: 123

Birmingham City transfer news: Reports in the national press are claiming that Nathan Baxter is a target for Aitor Karanka's side who face Championship competition in the form of Derby

Birmingham Mail 10 Aug

David Xavis 09:22



Can anybody hear the thunder? It's just one continuous rumble for the last 30 minutes or so. I don't think I've ever heard anything like it.

Smelly 10 Aug

B_C_F_C 10 Aug


Karanka is herePage: 1234

He’s currently in a beer garden with Dong, Speakman and others []

Le Mod 8 Aug

generalBlue 10 Aug


HMRC going after football

Just read an article, which I cannot share in full as it is behind a subscription service.

WorcsAzul 10 Aug

generalBlue 10 Aug