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Sorry if this has been done before. Is the slate clean for Fatty Foulke?

Tilton Rifle 21 Jul

StechyBlue 00:16


Doves, Feeder, The Coral, The Twang

Heads up for anyone who likes any of them.... They’re on at Brighton Racecourse this Saturday, £41, but no racing.

666VAN 21 Jul

bluearmyfaction 21 Jul



What's going on? Been a few days since we last heard anything. What are your sauces saying?

Jeffery McSheffery 21 Jul

Dugarry's Shinpads 21 Jul


Tour Dr France

Nobody watching this year? Thomas has gained some seconds back. Lovely scenery as always.

bluemike 21 Jul

DES 21 Jul


Feeling OptimisticPage: 123

Been a decent weekend regards results, ok not exactly against amazing sides but a win is a win and the new system and style of play is being introduced game

TaylorJay84 21 Jul

Wingman Blue 21 Jul


Any legal eagles on here

After some advice if possible..a friend of mine over the space of a year has lost her sister, Mom and Dad..she has another sister...

Ray Mac 21 Jul

B_C_F_C 21 Jul


Notts Forest tickets

Does anyone on here have any idea about when Forest tickets come out for Blues fans?

SeanTheBlue 21 Jul

lucky 21 Jul


I didn't he h had died Who Tech

i didn't know about him either some nice tributes to him too []

Bobharford 20 Jul

Dong Marvin 21 Jul


Bob LatchfordPage: 123456

Just browsing Bob Latchford's autobiography, and have to say the guy's received some very unfair stick and inaccurate portrayals on here, from people who clearly haven't read the book.

montypenguin 18 Jul

B_C_F_C 21 Jul


Ticket Allocation for yesterday

Can't help but think Bristol Rovers missed a trick yesterday.

Nose of Blue 21 Jul

S TQ 21 Jul


Harry Kane

What a strike.

laughing_jackalope 21 Jul

Bluesince62 21 Jul


This Moment ThoughPage: 1234

Lad just put it up on twitter, stoked up some feelings in me!!

TaylorJay84 19 Jul

Bluesince62 21 Jul


The Open.

Always look forward to a Major, especially one that doesn’t involve having to up late to watch. They are also something I do enjoy putting a few bets on.

JCL 17 Jul

El Mayor 21 Jul


Match and Train ticket for Brentford

Hi, I have a virgin train ticket (return) and a match ticket for Brentford on the 3rd August on the (fast train).

Truebluetrooper 19 Jul

bluechip 21 Jul


Exclusive: Michael Morrison breaks his silence about 'surprise' Birmingham City exitPage: 123

The former skipper left St Andrews earlier this summer []

Birmingham Mail 20 Jul

DES 21 Jul


Any half decent streams for the boxingPage: 1234

PM much appreciated thanks Sorry the Whyte/Rivas card

bruggeaway 20 Jul

Musername 21 Jul


Jeremie BelaPage: 123456

Guy on twitter who was correct with Crowley implying that we are in for him, possibly even further down the line than that.

Attled 18 Jul

El Mayor 21 Jul


Bristol Rover v BluesPage: 12345

Odin Bailey starting again. Are we expecting big things from him this season?

Roman 20 Jul

foghorn leghorn 21 Jul



Hi all, Just out of curiosity who thinks we are in for a good season, as in, challenging for promotion?

Brummagen 20 Jul

Blue Bears 1875 21 Jul



Can the SHA travel collective recommend any particular areas to base a 3 night stay in? TIA.

Pearly Dewdrops 20 Jul

Holdsworth_MaraSonner 21 Jul