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Travelling North America in my 1976 VWPage: 123

Hey everyone, So I am currently travelling around the States in my 76 VW, we have recently decided to change our plans and head to Baja, Mexico instead of

ThekombiChronicles 23 Jan

scouty 01:54


Why Bellingham is a special talent

Some say he is 'the best player on the planet' of his age.

Sky Sports 23 Jan

scouty 01:51


List of football kits available in JD Sports- BHXPage: 123

Villa home Villa away Villa wank Muller kit they love Villa retro kit 1 Villa retro kit 2 West Brom home West Brom away West Brom third Wolves home Wolves

Bela's About 23 Jan

Kristoff 01:37


Blues win the FA cupPage: 1234

And get relegated do you take it? Discuss.

Ser Tait 23 Jan

Andy Mac 00:58


Coventry Predictions

Think we'll put a strong team out and win this one 3v1. Juke to continue his good scoring form of late and Blues to make it 5 unbeaten!

Nose of Blue 23 Jan

Andy Mac 00:48


Blues and Coventry City show of community unity


Birmingham City 23 Jan

Tandy 00:18


Protest Saturday

Is there going to be anything on Saturday by way of a protest at the running of the club?

TinaTractor 23 Jan

TinaTractor 23 Jan



Makes me sick watching the dog heads. Four years ago they were worse than us and dying a slow death. Now they’re top 6, great football, etc etc.

Zublue 23 Jan

StechyBlue 23 Jan


Marcus MaddisonPage: 12345678

Player we've been linked with in the past In talks with Charlton []

Worcester Blue 13 Jan

StechyBlue 23 Jan


Information for supporters - FA Cup tie against Coventry CityPage: 123456


Birmingham City 23 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 23 Jan


Thought for Saturday

Will it be possible for all the fans in the stadium to join in a rousing SOTV?

e17blue 23 Jan

BertMurray2A66 23 Jan


Do we need a new groundPage: 123456

So we can attract the proper type of ownership model that say Leicester or wolves have with the ground as it currently is along with the piss poor main stand

Mario kempes 78 22 Jan

Rab C Nesbitt 23 Jan


Northern Road Trip

Going to take the family on a sightseeing tour of the North. Thinking York, Harrogate, Whitby, Northumberland, Edinburgh, Glasgow then back down through Cumbria.

Tilton Rifle 23 Jan

BlueMuse 23 Jan


"Proper Blues"Page: 123

There has been some debate on here and Twitter about what constitutes "proper Blues", a term I can't stand ( you can throw in "Blues family" and " come

Miamivice79 22 Jan

Supercal66 23 Jan


'Respect' - Middlesbrough coach hits out after Birmingham City spat

Blues head coach Pep Clotet was unhappy about the decision, the actions of the Boro medical team whom he claimed stormed the pitch - and the melee that followed.

Birmingham Mail 23 Jan

Russell Leond 23 Jan


BelaPage: 123

When he first signed I thought he'd be another Boga or Sinclair but he's set up or scored 8 in 15 games. Not bad for a free transfer!

ClarkOut 22 Jan

Fat Buddha 23 Jan


Transfer Prediction Thread...

My predictions Jude to stay which will be great, want to enjoy him for as long as we can before the inevitable.

sternjohn14 23 Jan

BlueSteve 23 Jan


Who killed Graham from Emmerdale

Marlon? CHarity? Jai? Anybody else? Tbf I'm gutted hes gone!

Zolsk 22 Jan

Block D 23 Jan


Pep - I love knockout competitions


Birmingham City 23 Jan

ShoNuffIDo 23 Jan


Spares for Saturday

Looks like I missed out as the computer says no.

Obafemi 20 Jan

B13blues 23 Jan