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Do you have any? I don't like rats, can't stand the feckers.

Ribeye 07:19

Smelly 07:53


Gary Monk on the streets

Supporting homeless in Brum Every little helps

generalBlue 16 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 07:51


Villa Away Ticket

Looking to get a Villa away ticket when they come on sale. This is going to sound ridiculous but desperate times call for desperate measures.

TiltonPartTimer 15 Oct

turley 07:37


Your favorite obscure factsPage: 12345678910

Flamingos are not naturally pink. They are born white and turn pink due to all of the shrimp they eat.

Nath 12 Oct

John_Smullen 07:33


Let the bidding war begin

Sheffield United apparently have money to target Jota: []

nick_p 16 Oct

Waggeh 07:33


Spare Stoke ticket

I have a spare ticket for Stoke if anybody needs one.

Newbs 07:30

Newbs 07:30


20 Sports - Pick 3

Of the following list, if you had to pick 3 that completely ceased to exist at any level, what would they be?

European Bob 16 Oct

Ribeye 07:16


Hotel question

Right then, i booked a hotel and flight package through expedia to new york in December (3rd time ive booked the same package with them).

Ribeye 14 Oct

Ribeye 07:15


Spain v EnglandPage: 1234

When Lineker scored 4! [] Bit of this tonight would be good... Fancy we'll get our @rses handed to us though!

Slightly Turbid 15 Oct

Slightly Turbid 06:30


FAO Any History Nerds

I know some of you on here are fellow history geeks so thought I may aswell point out a great project taking place next week (Tuesday 16 October): []

DB 12 Oct

IanT 05:15


Terence Bud Crawford

Only just got chance to watch his fight Saturday. Best pound for pound fighter in the world for me.

Salford Blue 16 Oct

Bears 16 Oct


Blues u23

Hit the woodwork 3 times in the first half and clearances off the line 🤔 won 1-0 in the end away at forest with the winner coning from a 15

greebo joe 15 Oct

LondonBlue 16 Oct


RIP Bluenose Chloe.....


Casper 16 Oct

ben sotv 16 Oct


villa ThreadPage: 12345678910

Dean Smith with JT at number 2. Thoughts on the new Vile management team....

steve aerobic 10 Oct

Bluesince62 16 Oct


Blues v Chelsea this Sunday

Birmingham City Women are back in action this Sunday with a pivotal match against Chelsea live on BT Sport this Sunday 21 October, kick-off 12:30pm.

Birmingham City 16 Oct

Rab C Nesbitt 16 Oct


Garry v Gary

No real competition is there?

Cattell Prod 16 Oct

voodZ 16 Oct


Kuszczak, Stockdale, Gardner FFP

Based on no knowledge whatsoever ....

Rags 16 Oct

Pigeon 16 Oct


Jocks u23 v England u23

Were the only England fans in the Ground Blues fans?

Tilton shark 16 Oct

Sir Heisenberg 16 Oct


Stoke city fans not looking forward...

To 3000 brummies coming to town by the sounds of this....[]

toffon50 11 Oct

bluemike 16 Oct


BrockPage: 123

Loan terminated after 5 games according to BBC []?

GMan 16 Oct

Bluesince62 16 Oct


'Was he scouted using FIFA 18?' St Mirren fans sum up Nicolai Brock-Madsen's loan

St Mirren have sent the Dane back to BCFC after just five appearances []

Birmingham Mail 16 Oct

J 16 Oct


Editorial: Sword of DamoclesPage: 123

With the October international break now into its second week, Blues fans are still none the wiser as to when the independent disciplinary panel will meet to decide the punishment 15 Oct

Bluestaines 16 Oct


Our Midfield

I think this is the strongest our midfield has been since the unbeaten season in 2009-2010. Jota Maghoma G.Gardner C.

TiltonPartTimer 16 Oct

Tilton Rifle 16 Oct


Alarming statistic if true

-- moved topic --

Bobharford 16 Oct

Message Moved


West Ham

-- moved topic --

Fat Buddha 16 Oct

Message Moved


'I had to sleep at St Andrew's' - ex-Birmingham City and Stoke City boss relives tough times

The man who guided Blues to Wembley glory has mixed memories of his time at the club []

Birmingham Mail 15 Oct

Tilton Rifle 16 Oct


Would Redknapp have been a success?

Just pondering this, full of ifs, buts and maybes, but looking back now do you think it was a mistake to sack Redknapp?

montypenguin 15 Oct

wonchop 16 Oct


Next 6 Prediction


Englishblue 16 Oct

Spike 16 Oct


new v***a scarf


A_n_E 16 Oct

jeffwealands 16 Oct


Hi-fi stylus question

25 years ago I bought some decent hi-fi seperates including a Thorens TD318 turntable The cartridge stylus is Ortofon 520 but it's damaged and needs replacing.

generalBlue 14 Oct

Southside Blue 16 Oct