19:39, Sat 27 May
Luton’s keeper will cost them this, should have gone off
19:48, Sat 27 May
10 great pelanties. TENSION!!!!!
19:49, Sat 27 May

Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
19:49, Sat 27 May
Dabo did not look confident
'I truly believe that at some point during his Pompey tenure, Cotterill stated into the abyss and was met, after a time, with the gentlest of breezes and carried upon that breeze was a tiny, sweet voice, whispering "Everyone knows you're a ****". Over and over and over.' - The Secret Footballer, on Steve Cotterill.
19:50, Sat 27 May
Ha ha ha cov pricks.

Luton deserved that
19:50, Sat 27 May

Feckin ave that ya plastic wannabe Brummies
19:50, Sat 27 May
Oh how sweet
Pleased for Luton. Always feel sorry for the guy who misses.

Better side won in the end shame the late goal didn’t win it. Hit his hand though.
19:51, Sat 27 May
Yep Cov have got this now after being battered in the first half hour

Phew! ...well that worked 🤣
19:51, Sat 27 May
Fairplay. Glad it was them and not cov.
19:51, Sat 27 May
Dabo did not look confident

Yeah, said to the Mrs before he took he had the look of a man who knew he was going to miss. Bloody awful pen.
19:51, Sat 27 May
Out of contract RB too. We will probably go in for him.
19:52, Sat 27 May
Huge advantage to be going first in the pens. Statistically significant. Makes it a lottery.