14:35, Wed 15 May
Tracey Patterson said she confronted the troll to 'educate' him and shared a clip of their encounter online

14:49, Wed 15 May
Seen the video - pooed his pants!
14:53, Wed 15 May
Deserved a kicking. Fair play to Mrs Baz for being a bigger and better person.
14:54, Wed 15 May
probably wishes he's had a kicking now he's made the evening mail, FAFO
15:47, Wed 15 May
Seen the video - pooed his pants!
where is the vid
16:11, Wed 15 May
I got it on WhatsApp
...it's in the article, but that website is dogshit 😱😤
16:13, Wed 15 May
Can send if you PM your number but understand if you don't want to
21:11, Wed 15 May
Who the frigg trolls the wife of Baz. Either very brave or incredibly stupid.

I bet he is now nervous as feck and will be wary of everyone, no pun intended but he will be sleeping with one eye open for a while.

Fair play for calling him out.
Turn left when you get on a plane.