10:19, Thu 23 May
Scored for England’s u18 last night. Could be a big season for him.
10:34, Thu 23 May
Had a very good 55 odd minutes. Hopefully he can step up in League One and not get lumps kicked out of him.
10:38, Thu 23 May
It's easier to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission.
10:39, Thu 23 May
Not convinced he'll play all that often in the League, possibly an impact sub, he doesn't always get in the 21s team so first team football is a massive jump, he's still essentially an Academy player. Great talent but might be a year or two before he's properly breaking through, imo.
Happy Clapper
16:17, Thu 23 May
I saw him out the back of the main stand during the Norwich game. He's very small and still looks like a schoolkid. He was with Dixon who is a right unit.
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