15:34, Thu 23 May
=Proper Blues
15:43, Thu 23 May
That's not cheap. What will they charge for individual match tickets?
15:45, Thu 23 May
Just you wait and see how much we will end up paying

If the dingles can charge tat men that sort of money, ours will be £1500 a season as we are illustrious Brummies with sophisticated lifestyles
15:46, Thu 23 May
He's saying there's no ambishum in the staydiwum.

I can see why's he's upset.
15:56, Thu 23 May
Wolves chairman Jeff Shi's column, today, in the Express and Star explaining why season tickets need to increase in price

The Three Body Problem is an excellent sci-fi novel, written by Liu Cixin. The book won the Nebula Award in 2015 and was adapted into a TV series by Netflix in 2024.

In the story, human beings were lower creatures compared to the invading aliens who had much more advanced science and technology.

In one episode, the aliens hijacked every screen on the earth and showed three words to every human being: You Are Bugs. It’s undeniable that humans were exactly like bugs when they first fought against the extraterrestrial starships and weapons.

However, in the end the ‘bugs’ didn’t lose to the aliens, because though bugs were weak and small, they were surprisingly tenacious. Much like in history where humans exhausted all options trying to make locusts extinct, but this 200million-year-old insect still survives, and will probably outlive humans comfortably.

16:02, Thu 23 May
Wolves chairman Jeff Shi's column, today, in the Express and Star explaining why season tickets need to increase in price


Well that clears it up nicely.
16:05, Thu 23 May
A sign of Fosun not being able to ship money as readily? Admission fees are not the big ticket (heh) item in the larger scheme of things but if they're confident they can still sell out, it's a 15% income boost for nothing.
16:10, Thu 23 May
16:11, Thu 23 May
Turning their nose up at Che Adams

They're a sports team from Wolverhampton, they're lucky they play in a professional league
Happy Clapper
16:12, Thu 23 May
Glad I don't support them, although our prices haven't come out yet!
16:41, Thu 23 May
No doubt they will sell enough STs to keep the owners happy but PL next season the bottom 3 may not be quite so clear cut as it was this season and wolves could be one team to struggle.

If they were to go down then no way that level of pricing would stand up.
Turn left when you get on a plane.
Rab C Nesbitt
Probably not expensive for the prem as a whole. Anyway good. Stuff Wolves

They'll be selling off their horse harnesses and the rusting transit off the front garden to afford these prices .
Up the feckin Blues
16:51, Thu 23 May
And cutting back on their orange chips delicacy.
Birmingham City: coming up with new ways to ruin your weekend since 1875
17:47, Thu 23 May
I don't think Knighthead will soak the fans.

Tom Wagner is on record as saying that charging fans more isn't the way to go. Finding new and better income streams is the way to do it.

He even mentioned that top clubs around Europe understood this. Matchday gate revenue is a minor part of their total revenue. Without naming any in particular, he probably had Bayern Munich in mind, whose ST prices are around £250.

Wheels Park is part of the philosophy of developing income streams other than matchday ticket prices.
Insurance rates will be going through the ‘roof’ in Wolverhampton.
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."