21:06, Sat 21 Nov
Hi I have done something creative, how do I upload a picture to this site, thanks

Upload it to a image host website - something like imgur, and then copy the link into a post
21:07, Sat 21 Nov
Keep your chin up Dan, there are many people on here you can turn to (i know i know not always a good idea!!) if you are feeling low and need a virtual / online chat.

We've seen that a number of times this last year when people have reached out on here.

Never feel alone mate.
21:08, Sat 21 Nov
Rab C Nesbitt
Working 5 days a week but missing the pubs, restaurants and being at Blues games.
Glad the box office games are back on normal Sky and BT Sports , really helps me to get through the week, daft as it sounds.
All my family and friends are well though, and that is the main thing
Pretty much the same for me. In March/April I had few weeks stood down but the weather was coming good. Also gave Mrs Fly the chance to get the Shit Job Book out. Was declared an essential worker (lol) end of April. Back to work since full time. No football/ hols etc. All we can do I suppose is stack our chips and get ready for when the world starts to turn again...
21:12, Sat 21 Nov
Hi, what exactly are the things you miss during this 2nd 'lock down'?

The pubs are shut that's about it and the barbers and gyms

Do you think it's worth it if it saves lives? or not worth doing and want the old life back asap?
21:14, Sat 21 Nov
Furloughed back in March until June- loved it. Loads of time with the nipper, good weather and a bit too much mid week boozing.

Missing the usual stuff but grateful my family is healthy, no money worries and hoping for a holiday next year.
21:17, Sat 21 Nov
RE haircuts: got some clippers from amazon £29.99 back in March . My lad gives me a no 1 head shave every 3 weeks. Jobs a good un. Paid for itself..
21:37, Sat 21 Nov
miss the old brasses n cocaine.
21:41, Sat 21 Nov
miss the old brasses n cocaine.

21:42, Sat 21 Nov
<a href="[www.imagebam.com]; target="_blank"><img src="[thumbs2.imagebam.com]; alt="imagebam.com"></a>
21:47, Sat 21 Nov
It is starting to wear me down - I have worked right the way through and even did a house up during the main lockdown, had four holidays cancelled including wedding anniversary one. Just feels like get up go work, come home go sleep, get up go work and then at weekend do some work to occupy myself so I don't get bored. I have never had any form of mental issues, and really don't now but it is the first time I can really understand how people get depressed and then can't get out of it.
SHA's Resident Estate Agent
21:56, Sat 21 Nov
<a href="[www.imagebam.com]; target="_blank"><img src="[thumbs2.imagebam.com]; alt="imagebam.com"></a>
2nd one wouldn’t load for me.
First one though 👍
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
21:57, Sat 21 Nov
Agree it does drive u insane slightly . And for fecks sake need a hol
22:14, Sat 21 Nov
Was furloughed march till mid August. First few months was fine, started to grate at the end and was becoming a struggle.

Worked from aug - end of October now back on furlough and looking likely to be until January at the very earliest.

Really struggling this time round. Not really any jobs left to do around the house. Weather is shit and the youngest is getting really difficult being stuck in every day.

I won't lie some days really are a struggle to get out of bed and I feel like I literally have no purpose in doing so.

Throw in the loss of 20% wages, was ok last time as loan repayment holidays were an option - now they've all been exhausted and things are extremely tight.

Luckily I had managed to save a few hundred so the kids can still have some decent presents for Christmas.

Thinking I might look for some seasonal work to just get me out the house in December cos right now things are pretty shite!
22:20, Sat 21 Nov
Slightly better on this one than the summer one.

But as others have said, it's the uncertainty that gets you.

Will we actually be able to leave our houses and socialize again on the 2nd?

Will I be back at work (furloughed, again, at the moment) on the 2nd?

Will we be bullied into another lockdown post-Christmas and new year, meaning you're looking over your shoulder at a time when you want to relax?

The vaccine news means nothing to me, as the only real thing the media are talking about is future lockdowns and restrictions.

It's not healthy to not be able to see other people. How *some* medical professionals think this is the right way to tackle this virus is beyond me.

We also need to be properly told what we can and can't do in advance, rather than leaving everyone guessing.
Dong Ren Out.
22:21, Sat 21 Nov
I hear you about never having had depression.

I jacked in the self employed life because For the first time I could feel the clouds coming down. I had too much work and I couldn’t cope with it all. I just wanted to be left alone.

So I focused everything to get a job on the trains. Which has been fantastic.

I’ve been fortunate in the fact that I’ve been off since March and getting paid. That being said, I need to keep focussed as when I do return I will not have long until my final exams etc. So me and a few of the guys have had daily phone calls at 715 each day just to keep going over stuff. Keeps me focussed and gets me up.

First lockdown was easy, loads of time with the nipper and great weather. We moved a week before lockdown so we’ve managed to do the house up. Hopefully starting the extension next year.

But then my wife went back to work, from home. My nipper started school. So now I feel I’m in the way at home.

So I try to get out for a days fishing once a week, do a few sparky jobs where I can and the rest of the week is lost by walking round aimlessly. Even took up golf!!!

Certainly finding lockdown 2 harder not seeing friends and family.

If anyone wants to get out and fancies some fishing which you can currently do, message me happy to meet up and fish apart etc.

Lately I’ve felt pretty snappy and down, combination of lockdown, no work, crap weather, permanent doom and gloom. Fed up of it all now to be honest, be nice when we can all get back to some normality and stop all the divisions that seem to have happened over the last 4 years.

Keep right on, I may not agree with a lot of you on here, but I’d always be there to chat if anyone needed it. Take care all and look after yourselves and loved ones