13:31, Sat 10 Feb
Hoping for some delight for Delia Smith today who's Norwich side could do Blues a huge favour by beating QPR at Loftus Road, if not, the relegation trapdoor swings well and truly wide open ahead of Tuesdays much anticipated John Eustace comeback event.

Albion currently 1 up at Ipswitch Town but likely its too late to secure an auto promotion place.
13:33, Sat 10 Feb
Albion winning despite doing very little just like last week

Only 1 shot for Man City at home to Everton in the first half, toffees must be defending well
13:49, Sat 10 Feb
Cheating Villa Bastard
13:51, Sat 10 Feb
Cheating dvb.

Can you not get a red for trying to deceive the officials?
13:58, Sat 10 Feb
Dike is made out of wet tissue.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
14:02, Sat 10 Feb
Same as the commentary team by the sound of it
14:16, Sat 10 Feb
Super Hans
Dike is made out of wet tissue.

Feel for him me. Bloke was crying his eyes out.
14:17, Sat 10 Feb
Neighbours Albion he reckons they are winning quite a few games they don’t really deserve to. Looks like another on the way.

Most seasons they would be a mid table side. I’ve always thought they have their fair share of luck especially against us other the years.

That Dike fellow don’t have much though. Looks like another bad one for him. Hopefully not.
14:20, Sat 10 Feb
Set up well don’t concede many chances and have players who can chip in with goals.
Would say they have the balance of some good gifted players with absolute battlers.
The chemistry we need to find.
You make your own luck to win games.
14:23, Sat 10 Feb
They’re nailed on for the playoffs, and once you’re in them anything can happen.

Not bad for an apparent crisis club.
14:24, Sat 10 Feb
Get in
14:25, Sat 10 Feb
Hold on… 😂
15:09, Sat 10 Feb
Badge tapper already 1 up.
15:29, Sat 10 Feb
FFS QPR 1 up
FFS QPR 1 up

QPR playing Stoke, Wednesday night, big 6 pointers for lots of teams coming up in the coming weeks down the bottom