21:44, Sat 17 Oct
Doesn't make any difference, we had more points. I am sure the rest of this season won't degenerate like last year however !
21:51, Sat 17 Oct
We haven’t lost three games on the trot, because if we had, the amount of woe on SHA would be deafening. Give it a week.
11:38, Sun 18 Oct
Last year we had a really good period in October and November when it felt like something was actually changing, but that turned into a false dawn.

At this stage it feels like we are much more solid and will remain so, the big question is can we get going as an attacking force. Boro fans say that they were pretty good going forward when they got into the play offs/went up so I'm quite optimistic. I think the '3' behind the 1 upfront are good, just hoping that Hogan or Juke can get into a groove, or that we can find a gem in January.
13:44, Sun 18 Oct
A forward can't get into a groove in that system unless chances are being created by those behind. They aren't being created.
Promoted again.
17:15, Sun 18 Oct
neither Crowley or our wonderful world beating pair of wingers produced one chance yesterday for Hogan . What's worse its Hogan who gets blamed for that on here
17:26, Sun 18 Oct
Look where Brentford are in that table, a funny game..

I'd much rather have this seasons team playing for Blues.