11:12, Sun 17 Jan
Back to the main theme. Warnock is a indeed a w*nker, not the ‘great bloke’ as claimed fairly recently on here. I think he’s a horrible, bitter person.
11:12, Sun 17 Jan
Roberts has had it particularly bad. As he showed yesterday, he's a perfectly good defender at this level. He went through a bad patch (haven't they all at times?) it's true, but some Blues fans seem to have just made up their mind that he's a donkey and can't accept that he has had some good games for us recently.
11:22, Sun 17 Jan
I can’t quite work out this season. Started miserably but then improved considerably with the defence looking very tight, then it just seemed to go off the rails. Even so, as Rab mentioned, the rough end of the stick on decisions has meant we’ve been looking down rather than up for a while. I think we’ve conceded the centre of the field far too much at times this season, yesterday, we actually took the initiative first half and pushed them right back. Despite what W*nker said, it wasn’t just physical, although football is a physical game of course, but much better ball retention, won it back, and that we moved the ball more quickly than we have done just about all season.
18:55, Sun 17 Jan
Agree with all that.