19:31, Mon 20 Nov
19:52, Mon 20 Nov
Chemsley Wood - Wood Gate Valley (went to school in Weoley Castle) - Northfield- Cannock then here in Oswestry since 94

Not Ilmington by any chance? I was only a baby when I left Birmingham, but remember it, as it was just across the road from the back of my junior school (Princethorpe)

Yep Ilmington, great school (didn't learn much) but great

It was set on fire if I remember correctly? I left Birmingham in 1970, so would have been at Princethorpe until then.

They closed it down in 1984, then built houses on it.

Ah, thanks.
Make Blues Great Again
21:51, Mon 20 Nov
Born Sheldon. Lived in Solihull, Balsall Common, Solihull, Moseley, Kings Heath and now Scarborough.
22:24, Mon 20 Nov
I thought I'd answer sensibly, as everyone else has.

Born in the Q.E., 1969

Lived on Lottie Rd, Selly Oak

Lived on Long Leasow, Bournville

Lived on Parkville Avenue, Harborne

Lived in Woodseaves, nr Stafford

Lived on Naunton Close, Bournville

Lived on Johnson Rd, Erdington

Lived on Meadow Rise, Bewdley

Lived in DY5 for the last 10 years

Into The Shadows 2024 Tour Dates -

17 Feb - Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury
2 Mar - Taachi Morris Arts Centre, Taunton
30 Mar - Prince Of Wales Theatre, Cannock
20 Apr - Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton on Trent
7 June - Theatre On The Steps, Bridgnorth
8 June - Theatre On The Steps, Bridgnorth
28 Sept - Exmouth Pavilion
18 Oct - Garrick Theatre, Lichfield
19 Oct - Garrick Theatre, Lichfield
22:34, Mon 20 Nov
Born marston green

Raised chelmsley wood 17yrs

Moved to kings norton

Then moved kingsheath

Moved to San Antonio Texas 2006 still here coaching (soccer) football.
22:52, Mon 20 Nov
In boringly linear order:
Ladywood, Longbridge,Quinton,Bartley Green, Harborne, Middlesbrough, Edgbaston, France, Germany, Hall Green. Could’ve included places I worked and lived aswell but enough already.
23:00, Mon 20 Nov
If we are bunging in the works:
Sparkhill - Leeds - Bremen - Manchester - Huddersfield - Fleetwood - Brussels - Amsterdam - Guangzhou - Portland, Oregon - Huddersfield

Pissed off with moving around, so trying to lay down roots
23:25, Mon 20 Nov
Born in Sparkhill
Mayo - school years
Galway for University
London during the 80s
Edinburgh - came here in the 90s and have mostly been here ever since bar a few other smaller stops for work contracts in Europe and the US for a few months at a time.
07:29, Tue 21 Nov
Born Moseley, The Sorrento, thought I was Italian until I was 5.
First lived Lawden Road 400 yards to St Andrews. Then ...
Yardley Wood
Cheswick Green
Hall Green
Solihull Lodge
Solihull ( various )

All Blues !
Jude should be front and centre of everything England do in the attacking third of the pitch.
Give him the armband now too ! ( AUG 2023 )
07:45, Tue 21 Nov
Didn't realise Kings Heath had been somewhere else.
08:54, Tue 21 Nov
Tile Cross
Sutton Coldfield
10:10, Tue 21 Nov
Born in Nechells, moved all over Birmingham when I was a kid, was in Bartley Green for a good portion of it and after Uni (Wolves then Leeds) I then came back for my parents to care for my mother in Northfield for a while before finally settling in Tamworth
10:12, Tue 21 Nov
Bordesley Green, Castle Bromwich, Water Orton, Lichfield
10:30, Tue 21 Nov
Solihull, Bournemouth, SW London.
10:42, Tue 21 Nov
Streetly - Aldridge - Oxford (Uni) - Harborne - Jewellery Quarter - Market Harborough - Knowle
Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can’t face reality