10:52, Sat 2 Oct
Do you know who wouldn't stand for this?

Villa fans

What did they do different when it happened at the sheds?

Firstly, I doubt villa fans have ever been treated like this, their club has never been as badly run as this and is normally run in a more professional way, even when we were in so called 'good hands'.
Secondly, the local press would be up in arms over it, demanding answers and going to great length as to why the fans of such a great footballing cathedral and institution should be treated better and pressure would be bought to bear on whoever owned the club.

In our (fans) defence, protesting is utterly wasted. The guilty parties are thousands of miles away and don't give a toss, they only care for the HKSE listing. Protest here and you are just hassling underlings who have no say and no control.
Having said that, on the face of it, how can you blame the owner(s) for the shambles of the T.O, who can't even seemingly put a Husband and Wife/Father and son in 2 adjacent seats? - but even that is down to terrible direction and recruiting which again, ultimately lands at the owners' door.

Basically, while we are chained to the clowns that own us, we're fecked.

I don’t believe that there is nothing we can do. I am not saying it would be easy or that I know exactly what, or would be prepared to take a lead role myself, but I would have thought some sort of sustained action that garnered enough publicity that would be prominent in UK football media circles and then got back to Hong Kong and proved embarrassing to the owners would possibly have an effect.

What effect do you think it would have?

What effect do you want it to have?

I don’t know what effect it would have. Possibly none but my hope would be that we could get the owners, as a minimum, to put a bit of money into sprucing up the ground, recruiting more office staff and letting us know a bit more about what the precise problem with the stand is. Also just to let them know we are not just going to bend over and take all this sh1te from them without biting back. Sometimes you just have to shout up for the sake of it.
11:09, Sat 2 Oct
I've seen a lot of people asking to know what the precise problem with the stand is.

I actually think the club don't 100% know themselves. Access is a bitch, and the more they open up, the more they find...
17:22, Sat 2 Oct
Does anyone know who is charge of the office admin and ticket distribution?

I think it might be this bloke -

Linked Image
17:32, Sat 2 Oct
07:50, Tue 5 Oct
And there's the answer to my question. No refund for approaching 2 months. It must be someone like this in charge.
I really could not be bothered Saturday to sit in a traffic jam near Small Heath and battle the elements.
I would not have felt like that normally. I'm sure the club is hemorrhaging money from those that occasionally 'walked up' to
watch games.
07:53, Tue 5 Oct
What’s changed on the drive in? I don’t think there’s roadworks currently but the traffic is worse than it’s ever been down Lawley Middleway (I think it’s called?).
“Oh Nikola Zigic”
10:45, Tue 5 Oct
Drivers avoiding the clean air zone has surely increased traffic volumes on the ring road
10:50, Tue 5 Oct
Someone had broken down at the White Towers island around 2pm on Saturday - don't think that would have helped
11:05, Tue 5 Oct
It was Sanderson
Jude Bellingham - "Once a blue, always a blue" “This is my Club, I love the Club to bits. I’d die for this Club”
21:40, Thu 7 Oct
Just got my tenner back fromBluestv for the QPR game. So I got the second half for free. Bargain
21:49, Thu 7 Oct
Yep, same here.
20:10, Fri 8 Oct
Just received vie email:

Dear season ticket holder,

Following a far more complex and lengthy process than we anticipated, we are now able to update all Kop and Tilton season ticket holders about their refunds from the Stoke City and Bournemouth fixtures.

Pro-rata refunds – your season ticket price divided by 23 home league games – will be in your accounts in the coming days, depending on how you paid for your season ticket (see full details below).

The delay supporters have seen is attributed to a number of reasons, with the biggest issue being around the various methods of payment used to buy a ticket: card, cash, finance, card plus loyalty points, cash plus loyalty points, card plus credit from behind-closed-doors matches, cash plus credit from behind-closed-doors matches and finally a combination of cash, card, loyalty points and credit.

We have been working tirelessly with our ticketing provider to find ways of working with our complex requirements, with the last resort being our Ticket Office manually calling c.7,000 fans to process their refunds. Thankfully, after much work we have hopefully reduced that number to fewer than 500 calls per match.

The following information details when and how your refund will be processed. Please note, Stoke City refunds will be processed first with Bournemouth in the days following.

Card payment (full price)
Refunds for Stoke City should be in your account within the next five working days if not already in, with the Bournemouth payments being actioned this week.

Card payment plus loyalty points or credit
Our ticketing provider has been able to provide us with a method that will allow all refunds to be processed as monetary rather than as credit or a voucher. Therefore, refunds for Stoke City will be showing in your account in the next five working days, with Bournemouth payments going through following the Stoke City refunds.

Cash (full price)
Our Ticket Office will email you with dates for a period of when you can receive your cash refund at the Ticket Office. This contact will made by no later than Friday 8 October.

Cash plus loyalty point or credit
As with full cash payments, you will receive correspondence from our Ticket Office by no later than Friday 8 October to arrange a date to collect your refund from St. Andrew’s.

Those who have taken up the option of V12 Finance will have their payments altered in-line with their agreement. The pro-rata refund will be split evenly across the remaining months and show as a reduction in the monthly payments.

Combination of cash, card and points
For any fan who has split their payments across several methods that included paying with a card, your refund will be processed to the card used when purchasing. You will receive this payment in the next five working days.

The above information will apply for the opening two games of the seasons. Information regarding the relocation of fans to alternative seats will be communicated in due course.

This process has been far more complicated than we originally envisioned, and our Ticketing team have been working hard to develop the above solutions in order to process all required refunds. Within the same timeframe, they have also been managing the relocation of seats, selling match-to-match tickets, and arranging away allocations, away ticket sales and Club travel for fans. We therefore thank you all for patience and understanding during this period.
Well the 5 working days from wednesday 29th september have now passed and i'm still waiting for my refunds for 3 tickets for the Stoke game. Has anyone received / not received their refunds. Looks like a phone call again to the ticket office on monday morning.
20:25, Fri 8 Oct
Should of had stoke refund 2 days ago. Nothing.
20:47, Fri 8 Oct
Got my QPR tenner back today but still no Stoke refund
22:00, Fri 8 Oct
Should of had stoke refund 2 days ago. Nothing.

Comforting to know I'm not the only one.