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Second TestPage: 1234567

Australia win toss, England batting.

Scoobers 15 Aug

newblue 12:37



Eff me

Rab C Nesbitt 12:26

CeredigiBlue 12:36


The Ivan Sunjic song

Probably the worst thing I've ever heard. He wasn't even born in the same country as the city the song claims him to be from.

Balti 12:34

Balti 12:34


Jermaine Defoe

What do you think? I’m not ITK .

Smiler 11:10

Balti 12:30


Peter Fonda

Was a cool cat, is a dead cat RIP

Fat Buddha 16 Aug

DES 12:24


The Fly's villa Thread


The Fly 17 Aug

Mr Blue Sky 12:04


What’s for breakfast?

Taking my mum out for breakfast this morning. Eggs Benedict for me. Lovely 😊 No brown sauce in case your wondering.

TheBlueNation 17 Aug

TheBlueNation 11:49


Harlee DeanPage: 123

Is he as good as Blues fans make him out to be? Or was it simply an off day?

CeredigiBlue 17 Aug

TheBlueNation 11:49


Pepfranco ClolaPage: 123


Gary Rowett 17 Aug

bluebone 11:19


Blues v Barnsley ticket details


Birmingham City 11:10

Birmingham City 11:10


Referee confirmed for the Barnsley game


Birmingham City 11:05

Birmingham City 11:05


Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Can anyone explain to me the importance of Birmingham City/Trillion Trophys/or what ever other name/company owns us remaining on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

blues429 10:30

DES 10:57


Looking into the Blue crystal ball...

So the inevitable has happened, 6 months wasted and another season written off, Pep Clotet is (finally) released from his caretaker head coach role after an horrendous festive period; an

Mithrandir 05:59

Rab C Nesbitt 10:54


V a r

Man City v spurs game there is another side to it where it can make the game better, 100% last season that winning goal for city would have stood there

Mario kempes 78 17 Aug

AlumRocker 09:37


REACTION: Nottingham Forest 3 Blues 0


Birmingham City 17 Aug

Jameron Cerome 09:05


Real football.

Langan, & Hatton.

carling210 04:16

carling210 04:16


Blues 4 forest 3Page: 1234

This game sticks in my memory as a classic from back in 1981. I think it was the first game of the season?

Zublue 15 Aug

Southport Blue 02:56


REPORT: Nottingham Forest 3 Blues 0


Birmingham City 17 Aug

B13blues 01:37


Match Thread: Notts Forest vs BluesPage: 123456789101112

B13blues 17 Aug

Mr Blue Sky 17 Aug


Positives from today...?Page: 123

Somebody? Anybody? I've got nothing...

ClarkOut 17 Aug

Bluewurst 17 Aug